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ex. "my brother is becoming sublime"

Does my poem suck?

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Best answer: Yes. Here's a helpful hint: If you're going to use a stilted rhyme like "sauces" and "losses," put the arbitrary word that you're rhyming with the word you really want to say first, so in your case, put "sauces" before "losses." It's obvious that the word... show more

Best answer: I make it a habit to carry a notebook with me at all times, so I often find myself scribbling in all sorts of places...bars, coffee joints, airports, train stations, etc....

Best answer: On the universal scale of time, we exist but briefly by comparison.

Why is it significant in relation to Frost and his style? What features appear in most of his poems?

Best answer: It's a nursery rhyme, and no one knows who originally wrote it. There are various versions including one about a 'blooming, bloody spider' (both very mild swear words that children would find hilarious) and a very similar version involving a 'spadger' (sparrow). Some attempts have been made to... show more

Best answer: My brain says Jayden but my heart says Brasperden

What should poetry try to capture?

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Inspired by Ron Rope's "One Grain of Sand"

Best answer: I thought it would, it just took longer than I thought. XXX .

A poem for critique.?

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Best answer: It`s a fair sonnet, stern and trite in its fine way yet there`s a slight clumsiness of expression which you are truly the good enough poet, to redeem. I think this the most decent, substantial posting in a many a while.

Poem for critique.?

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Best answer: It's a good piece. Very sad, hopeless and forlorn. Look, not all poems come out positive and happy; so goes life, especially losing a loved one. In fact, napping today I dreamed of my Mom, I lost in 2014, and she was alive again, back at 203 Timberline Court, and I was so excited I said "Mom, you... show more

Whatcha think of this poem I wrote?

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Best answer: It’s good

Best answer: Most poems use metaphoric language, like similes, personifications and even metaphors. A light once shown within your eyes around A member of my party hanging near Whenever he would stand erect and bound And ordered enter marching in the rear

Do you like my poem?

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The frisbee escaped my hand A few seconds premature The plastic scraping by and cutting So lightly, so invisibly The surface of my sweaty fingertips Slippery from the heat and laughter and carelessness Of time away from hallways. Cutting through the air The frisbee hovered near the trees Obscured by sunlight, I... show more