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哪里有星悦麻将作弊器_包赢软件【微信号:83859755】... 双方首发...

代【幵票:电:13714913156 真票】......2018-08-04 04:36:21 巴萨还是宇宙队!按着大巴黎揍... show more

Best answer: Yes, they do.

Did white ;people invent nearly everything?

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Best answer: Yeah just about everything

The U.S. Constitution could not go into effect until at least nine states ratified, or approved, the document. Each state held a convention to debate ratification. One delegate to the Virginia convention was James Madison, who had authored much of the document. He faced considerable opposition from Patrick Henry... show more

Best answer: There are problems with it. 1) He has lived in a "troubled" neighbourhood, yet it seems he has not been bullied until he was eleven years old. If he lived in my neighbourhood (which I admit was neither crowded nor troubled) the bullies must have known him long before he was eleven. Why didn't they... show more

Can I swap rims on a car that has been sitting up for repo for 4 years?

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Found a car on my companies lot that has been sitting up for repo for 4 years. Voluntarily turned in by the customer. Not sure if the finance company knows location but it has not moved. Can I swap the rims on it without repercussion? My car is the same make and model, the version that has been abandoned has... show more

So I have been heavily criticized by the vietnamese communities in america both online and offline. I have a fascination for chinese culture and traditional chinese dresses. I have recieved death threats by people online after I called the vietnamese american news network called SBTN fake news. I have reasons that... show more

MDCCLXXVI translated into numbers?

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Best answer: letters in descending order add MDCCLXXVI M = 1000 D = 500 C = 100 L = 50 X = 10 V = 5 I = 1 1776

Best answer: Alex Jones is actually brilliant. He's taken the Art Bell plan, and put it on steroids. Making money hand over fist selling snake oil to the gullible.