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..would that make their President a Fungi.....No! I don't mean Fun Guy....

Best answer: We've rarely been all that united. Just call us Americans.

By Republican standards is George Walker Bush a veritable genius ???

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Best answer: So... Bush and Trump are both morons....yet they both beat their Democrat opponents. Do you realize how bad democratic policies must be for people to prefer tp be governed by morons than your terrible policies? If you want to make a clever insult, I'd advise thinking first....Because this insults democrats... show more

Best answer: I've looked for something to watch for over three months.

Best answer: Ten minutes into the fist viewing

Best answer: Reminder The Hudson Bay Company was founded 106 years before the USA was

Are jokes about German sausages just the wurst?

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Best answer: Today on the news, it is reported that a Facebook photo of a man "humping" the Brave Girl Statue on Wall Street that was erected for Women's Day has gone viral. This is an all time LOW for American men and an example of how much they hate women and children in America. And so, yes, just as most... show more

Why did we let Trump become president?

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