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Knowing that Hitler was an ultra totalitarian psychopath and that those with that type of personality seldom take their own lives. Can it be assume that he left Berlin becasue there is no evidence to prove that he didn't.

Did everyone in the 1980’s smell like Cigarettes?

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Can you name 10 people who lived 500 years ago?

28 answers · History · 2 days ago
If you can't, does that mean everyone no matter how famous will be forgotten 500 years from now?

What was Hitler's last name?

23 answers · History · 2 days ago
Best answer: Har har har

Why did the Great Wall of China fail?

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I need a good book asap?

19 answers · Books & Authors · 2 days ago
I’m in my mid twenties, female, I love fantasy, mystery, romance, etc. A book or series with all of those things would be awesome if possible!

Why were swords ever used instead of spears..?

11 answers · History · 1 day ago
Best answer: Apples and oranges. What weapons are chosen/assigned is determined by role, context and situation, not by relative deadliness to one another (if not, why would we not issue every American foot soldier an M240 machine gun instead of a paltry assault rifle?). Also, "equal skill" rarely factors into... show more

Why do liberals hate everyone they disagree with?

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Is 30 a good age to die?

17 answers · Philosophy · 1 day ago
Why live a long life when you can get it over with while you are young enough to die

do we just live to die

I need a full name for a Russian male character?

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Defining moments in Canadian American relations?

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