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Are you sad Grumpy Cat died?

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How do you choose books?

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Best answer: If by 'get over' (a remarkably patronising phrase) you mean 'expunge from history') then certainly not.

Best answer: French traded heavily with the Native Americans for the fur trade. Many european goods were traded for the fur, such as luxury and military technology and equipment. Which gave some tribes advantage over their rivals. This friendship was later strengthen due the French and Indian wars. However not all indian tribes... show more

Best answer: Chamberlain never wanted war - neither did Hitler. And it was Roosevelt who created the problems that led to war. The issues between Germany and Poland were relatively minor and based on Germany gaining access to provide support and protection to Danzig and East Prussia. Up until Britain involved themselves in the... show more

Best answer: Civil rights didn't surface as a political priority until the mid 1950s. The dems made the political decision to rebrand and embrace it. The opposition came f/ the GOP and the south. MANY people switched party over this highly charged issue. It's how the south became so red today. Strom Thurmond is... show more

Who was Beatrix potter?

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Best answer: She was a writer of childrens' books around 1900..

What is real?

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Best answer: what you see is actually what you don't see. do you see that?

Whats you're favorite book you think everyone should read?

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Also, when did Europe have the highest percent Christian population? Please keep it factual. I'll need a source or reference. Thank you.

What countries were in the German Empire?

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On wikipedia it says Saxony, Bavaria, Prussia, and W├╝rttemberg. What countries are these in now?

Which girl do you notice first?

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Best answer: Between 1917 and 1965 immigration to the US was very restricted. While the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 had already excluded immigrants from China, the immigration of people from Asian countries in addition to China was banned by the sweeping Immigration Act of 1917, also known as the Asiatic Barred Zone Act,... show more

Does freedom exist? Can there ever be justice?

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