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I live in an 8 unit apartment in michigan. The landlady lives in one of the units. She feeds every stray cat in the neighborhood in our parkinglot. A few weeks ago, I accidentally backed over a cat. She rushed it to the vet and expects me to pay for the vet bills (nearly $2000). She has knocked on my door... show more

Have you ever been at a job and somebody git promoted over you who didn't deserve it?

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Like you were totally more qualified and reliable than the person who they have the promotion too.

wall is being built. How many duped supporters are making awful financial decisions based on Trump lying about a middle class tax cut that literally doesn’t exist?

Texas (standard TAA lease): what recouse do I have for loud neighbors?

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I moved in 3 months ago, apt was quite and peaceful. Then my neighbors moved in. There are 6 adults and 2 kids in a 2 bd room. My leasing office says there is only suppose to be 2 adults and 1 child. They are constantly slamming doors and Idk it sounds like banging on the walls, the crazy part is they are below me... show more

How to get a job in retail?

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Im finding it very hard to get a job at the moment. I have applied online and have gone into stores with my resume and cover letter and nothing back. I have had one interview in the last 8 months of applying. I dont have any experience in retail or customer service which I think is why I havent heard anything... show more

This hasnt happened to me yet. But what happens if you lose your debit card on a weekend when banks are closed and you cant go to the branch and get funds. Do you just have to starve till Monday if you usually eat out rather than buy groceries?

If the rental lease ends, do we have to continue to rent to tenants?

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Best answer: New York is a 30 day state. You do NOT have to renew a lease (unless you are a special-case New York City rent-control situation). If the lease expires December 31st, notify them IN WRITING before November 30th that you are not renewing the lease and that December 31st will be their last day. You can give them... show more

Basically our landlord sent us a paper in the mail saying we had to be out of our house by December 1st because he is selling the house. Our lease doesn t end til June, and we ve never paid rent late or broken any of the rules for him to randomly make us leave. Also, in the paper it says "December s rent must... show more

If tenant fixes gas boiler are they responsible for new gas certificate ?

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If an impatint tenant decides to fix the gas boiler rather than wait for the Landlord to get it fixed , are they then responsible for a new gas certificate

Why won't she help us??

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Hey guys, so my girlfriend and I are both 26 years old, and we are expecting a baby soon but a few months earlier this year we both had to move back to our parent's house, because I was evicted from my apartment for non payment, but I tried paying the rent every month, but every month the rent would just get... show more

Is being a real estate agent a good high paying job?

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Best answer: Only if you are really good at it and not everyone is. Where I live half of the people who become licensed each year, quit within the first year because they can't make enough money to survive. The majority of the others typically scratch by and only a small percentage makes real money. Selling real estate... show more

Should I get a house or a nice apartment.?

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I make roughly 85k a kids,single I’m 28 years old...people tell me just to save up money etc renting would be a waste of money for something that isn’t going to be yours. I live with my parents but I’m only home a week out of the month anyways....I’m just taking it a day at a time saving up money. Idk... show more

1. Social Security 2. An Investment Fund that you do the following a. In your 20's put 1/2 of your investment funds in small cap funds, 1/4 in mid-cap funds, 1/4 in large cap funds b. In you 30's reduce your funds in small cap funds to 1/4, putting 1/8 in mid-cap funds, 1/8 in large cap funds c. In... show more

Is this a legitimate job opportunity off Craigslist?

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First off, I have gotten many legitimate paid gigs off Craigslist. I just had my doubts about this this one. I replied to it and the guy sent me an email saying "Can you text me so we can set up a date and time for an interview as well as discuss pay?" So I sent him a text but never heard back from him.... show more