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So, how are you gonna pay for this?

27 answers · Other - Business & Finance · 2 days ago

What would happen if taxes didn’t exist?

41 answers · United States · 2 days ago
I get taxes withheld from all of my paychecks, it causes me great financial distress and makes me question why I work in the first place if i can’t have every single penny to myself. The biggest portions of money withheld from my check are Social security and Medicare tax. I personally don’t approve of social... show more

I am going insane, what do I do?

5 answers · Other - Careers & Employment · 6 hours ago
I work night shifts and I am afraid to get fired but I feel like I need to take absence. I have been suffering with insomnia these past couple of nights and I am only 18. I've been feeling horrific and my mom will not listen to me she will just argue and argue and argue. Last night at work I was feeling dizzy... show more

Is 58K at age 28 the right amount saved at this point?

23 answers · Personal Finance · 2 days ago
I don't have a wife or kids to drain my paycheck every month, so I have been able to put chunks away to save. I have paid off all of my student loans because I'm not one of the millennial deadbeats waiting for the bailout (I'm an honorable man, won't screw over anyone that hasn't done the same... show more

How to get a credit card?

24 answers · Credit · 1 day ago
How do I get a credit card with a low credit score the only thing I have is student loans and medical bills my student loans are in default. I don’t want an unsecured credit. Tips tricks should I call credit places why can’t i recieve one for like $200 dollars

Is it a bad idea to have multiple credit cards?

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- do you think it should be obligatory to contribute to household bills?

How often is it okay to have a sick day?

13 answers · Other - Careers & Employment · 16 hours ago
I've worked at my job for 2 months and haven't missed a shift, I thought it would be okay since im feeling a little burnt out to take a day off just to de-stress myself. Do you find this acceptable? Im not someone who would take many days off.. you get 10 to use in the year so I thought it'd be okay to... show more

Rent a place or buy a place?

10 answers · Renting & Real Estate · 7 hours ago
My brother and I are planning to move out together, we have had the idea to own a house together. The only issue is that I currently am working and going to school. So should we rent now, and then eventually buy a place together once I get my degree. Also can anyone explain to me is it worth to rent to own

Do you think 14 dollars per hour is ok?

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Best answer: You have to start somewhere, somehow. I have been a janitor and I have been a vice president.

Is $300 a week on paycheck goo?

13 answers · United States · 1 day ago

Is a car loan at 20 a bad idea?

30 answers · Personal Finance · 3 days ago
I make 340 every 2 weeks , my monthly car payments is 300 and and my mom pays the insurance , I live with my parents btw . Am I in a bad situation for a car payment ?

I live in a apartment complex where I currently pay for private parking in front of my building. My tags are expired but it’s not in public property, they gave me a 72 hour notice but it’s not enough to get my car running again. What can I do? Are they wrong for doing it or?

will effect the economy/businesses/jobs/etc?

When exchanging money at an airport, is there a fee?

12 answers · Personal Finance · 2 days ago
From US dollars to Euros

Do u think I was wrong for not offering gas ⛽️?

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so We work for the state and we have mandatory trainings to out of the city so we all have to car pull together as coworkers and the driver gets reimbursed for driving to and from. so on the way back the driver keeps making comments about gas and how we keep getting low on gas because we have to run the air... show more

What steps do I take?

8 answers · Renting & Real Estate · 6 hours ago
Okay. So to make a long story short, I’m only 21 years of age. I’ve been trying to get my own place, but my credit is horrible. My cousin & I had got an apartment about two years ago. She was head of household & I was added to the lease. She ended up breaking the lease and said she wasn’t giving collections... show more