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True or false: you eat ten servings of vegetables per day?

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Why do grown man like video games?

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Video games are toys and are a waste of time

What PS4 games are popular?

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What is the easiest way to make money online?

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Best answer: I'm going with illiterate Americans...

Is it weird for a girl to like Pokemon?

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With today's high tuition and low minimum wage a summer job will not hardly make a dent in the tuition bill and will result in the need to take on massive student debt. I came up with one option. and it is to work a full time summer job and save up a few grand to and then plan to place a large four figure bet... show more

He plays Overwatch, but are there any free games I can download that 14 / 15 year olds are playing? He hates Fortnite.

What are best self defense weapons?

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Best answer: Ya I'm down

I'm learning to make soap so that I have a nice, handmade gift to give to coworkers, friends, etc. I was wondering if there are any non-toxic additions I can add into it? I've tried apricot seeds for example, and may try glitter. Thanks for your help!

What's your impression of the anonymous feature in YA?

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One good thing about is, if you know many users will disagree with you because of which username u are using rather than what you have just typed, in the unanimous feature makes certain questions are judged on the answer rather than the answerer.... thoughts?


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Hello i am wondering what is the best food to eat when playing dungeons and dragons??? Please answer soon very ugent

How do i make the party rockers exit my house?

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Ok, so there are currently party rockers in my house tonight and everybody is else having a good time. Unfortunately, they’re just making me lose my mind. They are refusing to leave. Please help.

Are microtransactions the future of videogames?

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Best answer: Yes. Enjoy the present while you still can: -Enjoy being able to buy physical games that aren't tied to mandatory online connection. -Enjoy being able to OWN games as physical carts/discs or digital files on a hard drive. -Enjoy the few remaining games that aren't wholly balanced around microtransactions,... show more

What is/was your favorite video game console?

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IMO: PlayStation One HM: NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, Xbox 360, Dreamcast, Xbox One, Xbox, and Nintendo 64.