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Help me with this math problem? (Check my work?)?

5 answers · Mathematics · 3 days ago
Best answer: idealist ---- there are a few ways to do this.... you have started all this correctly ... to finish ===== 18sqrt(3) + 24sqrt(15) + 6*5sqrt(3) = 18sqrt(3) + 24sqrt(15) + 30sqrt(3) = 48sqrt(3) + 24sqrt(15) <<<< answer .... this is the correct answer

Check mate atheist the moon shall rise to night?

6 answers · Astronomy & Space · 4 days ago

What caused the big bang?

44 answers · Astronomy & Space · 3 days ago

Is nasa space center real?

29 answers · Astronomy & Space · 2 days ago
Do they actually go into space? Is our earth real round like a ball? I’ve been believe this all my life until somebody made me question it. They believe the earth is flat and nasa space are fake and they are Freemasons

Is it possible to Walk to the moon from Earth?

22 answers · Astronomy & Space · 1 day ago

What is the Adams Apple?

11 answers · Biology · 1 day ago

Is it true that it can get colder than absolute zero?

17 answers · Astronomy & Space · 1 day ago
If so, HOW? Is there any limit to cold? Or hot?

What would Earth be like with a 48 hour rotation rate?

8 answers · Astronomy & Space · 1 day ago
Best answer: climate would be different, as the nights would be colder, the days warmer, which would change the air circulation, which changes the climate. Exactly what would change would need a computer simulation.

Is this a lynx or a bobcat or both?

8 answers · Zoology · 1 day ago
I got this for my daughter in a zoo gift shop. The tag says bobcat but I always thought Bobcats had short tails. My daughter doesn't care she calls it kitty. I dont really care either but I'm still curious

Best answer: Similar in that it has to do with the angle at which the Sun's rays impact the Earth. At the equator, the Sun's rays hit the planet head on. So the Earth gets the full impact of the Sun's energy at the equator. At the two poles, the Sun's rays skim over the planet. So the Earth gets only a... show more


16 answers · Geography · 1 day ago
Best answer: Absolutely. Haiti was the second nation in the New World to gain its independence. A successful slave revolt led to the creation of a new nation. At the time, things couldn't have looked brighter for Haiti - the leaders were able to switch over from a slave-based plantation economy to wide scale plot farming,... show more

It has recently been accepted that Hua is spherical in shape, although its exact size is unknown. While studying in the library, in the city of Joy, Sam learns that during equinox, Barnard is directly overhead in the city of Bar, located 1000.0 km north of his location. On the equinox, Sam goes outside and measures... show more