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My 15 year old daughter is out of control. She always sneaks out of the house really late at night when the family is asleep and comes home in the morning. She hangs out with the wrong crowd and smokes/drinks (I found alcohol and cigarettes while searching her room, probably got it from her older friends). She... show more

So my boyfriend (23) is still carrying around all 3 of his high school ID s in his wallet.. I find it odd and think he s holding on to the past or something. I know it s really none of my business but never heard of anyone doing this. He says he keeps it around for a memory from high school.. Who does that? Isn t... show more

the last day of school, the class went to six flags magic mountain for a school trip. i was told i can’t go with the school and i cant go on my own. they said if i go to six flags they will expel me. the trip ended at four so i went at four and saw a few kids from my school. these kids later reported me and now the... show more

Best answer: More like drop out of that class, I didn't like a teacher and didn't want another year of her so I changed my class to something else.

The majority of students who graduate high school end up going to college, but less than half graduate nationwide. Maybe if high school teachers stop passing every student who shows up, students will be better prepared for college.

General statistics of test scores and grades in junior high school? I know every school is different but how does it work at your school?

I don't wanna leave

I’ve been doing research on charter schools and been looking at the pros and cons of them. Some argue they offer flexibility, more choice to parents, and improve knowledge but others argue it discriminates against certain people especially those with disabilities/special needs, takes funding away from public... show more

Changing classes, is this fair?

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So at my school we have 2 Psychology classes. Two of my friends want to move out of theirs into mine. We're currently in the last few weeks of the second term. They have talked about this with the school, and the school's reply is always 'That's just not what we do.' We all think this is very... show more

I want to learn something strange and new, like a weird language or how to make a clock or something like that. It’s kinda of boring to go to summer camp or summer school. Any ideas if there’s somewhere I can go to?

I'm going to a school with uniforms and i'm not a girl or a boy! Do i wear my scientific gender's uniform even though i'm not that!

Best answer: they think their ugly kids are special

Will i get bullied for my accent?

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my family may be moving to the usa next year and we’re from britain and i have a british acccent. is it possible i’ll get bullied at school (i’ll be in high school) and how badly? i’m scared because the school i’m at now is pretty accepting like no one cares about race, hair, height or anything like that and no one... show more

Best answer: In the 1950s and 1960s you could get a factory job with just a high school diploma (or less). Since fewer people went to college (especially in the 1950s), there was no point in waiting to get on with your life. Birth control consisted primarily of condoms (not reliable if you use them incorrectly) and there was... show more

I just got a letter saying that I earned a D in one of my core classes for the second semester. I have a 3.55 GPA otherwise. I go to a public high school in the USA. Am I able to graduate still next year? I am a junior.

My friend from Idaho told me her high school didn't have any finance or money management courses. She also said that there were no auto/shop, "home-ec", or culinary courses. Is there some sort of standard as to what courses a high school has to teach?