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Self employment tax?

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Im a HHA i didn't pay SE tax ( i knew nothing about it). Should i still file a tax return? I prepared it on turbo and i was told i dont owe ( i havent filed it yet ). I don't know what to do Help! please

I have about four and quit because I hated them.

Why is Ohio such a butt about their taxes?

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Best answer: Governments are notoriously inefficient.

It seems the state of Maryland is demanding $400 from me for not claiming tuition and fees on my state tax return for 2015. They are taking issue with the fact that I did claim my tuition and fees on my federal return for 2015, but not on my state return. I would have gladly claimed the same on my state return, but... show more

We are trying to refinance our house and consolidate however the bank said they need the business tax returns the majority owner will not share them because it has other people's information on them. Is this even legal? Is there a way we can bypass her to get the tax returns? The partnership shares are 70/10/10/10. show more

Will I Receive Higher Tax Refund in 2019?

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Married, filing jointly, combined net income of $175,000. Last year we received about $3,500 from Federal. Live in NJ. All things the same as last year except that we have been homeowners for entire 2018 (have paid mortgage interest of about $10,000 and taxes of about $5,000). The mortgage loan is about... show more

Filing taxes, should I use Turbo Tax or do them myself.?

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Best answer: If you're new to this, by all means use a software package, be it TurboTax, H&R Block, or something else. (Honestly: I do mine manually. But I've been doing it that way for 40 years, long before there was consumer software to help. I have the experience, and know what I'm doing. You don't. ... show more


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We are doing a fundraiser for my cousin w breast cancer. Asking for donations from different businesses, many are asking to write to corporate and have our tax ID number ... we don’t have one andnot sure if can get if it’s 10 of us friends doing this fundraiser. Not a company etc. anyone have any answers or... show more

Why didn’t Navy federal take my car yet ?

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I’m late almost 6 months behind on my car payments I took out 11,000$ only have around 5,000-6000$ left to pay not sure why they haven’t taken it yet?

Tax question (CPAs only)?

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Best answer: You will not be able to claim any dependency exemption for a centipede.

The person would file as head of household and claim two dependants.