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I need help...?

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Best answer: Well, take a look at the movies and YouTube videos that appeal to you. Do they have a common theme? As a kid, I liked Disney films and anything with the Peanuts gang. I didn't start enjoying movies with real actors until I saw the Macaulay Culkin starrer "Home Alone," and also,... show more

I bought an oven toaster for my polymer clay creations, but I've only used it about 3 times and baked small crafts (about the first line in your thumb). I haven't used my oven toaster in a while and would like to use it for food instead, so that it won't go to waste. Is it okay if I use it for food?... show more

I have a penny from 1928, so it's a wheat penny and on the face side it should say 1928 D But mine just says.... 1928 Could this be worth something?

I'm trying to crochet a rectangle, but one of the edges is uneven and the other is perfectly straight. I count each stitch over and over but there's still 20. I don't understand because the newest row looks a lot smaller than the first row but both all of the routes have 20 stitches. Also, I've... show more

Back in Elementary school, one of my best friend s dad had a hobby, that involved taking huge dried (very dense) rocks of Georgia clay (or something that looks like it) and chipping away bits of it to eventually excavate something, one notable thing I remember is a foot long scale model pirate ship Anyone have... show more

Can't find myself a hobby...?

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Best answer: Karabiner 98k

I want to start an ho scale but only have $40 for track and a train please help

I decided to pick up a new hobby. That hobby? Making architectural model homes with framing, working plumbing, and lights, and at a 1/12 scale. It's a model tiny home with one bedroom one bathroom, and the model itself is 21 inches wide, 18 inches deep, and approximately 12 inches tall. My question is; how much... show more

Any way to fix this?

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I attempted (first time) spray painting this for my daughter's school folders. As you can see, it was blue before. It was the only color they had. Since qe had leftover paint, thought I'd use it to change thebcolor. DH thinks I should scrape it off and repaint it. I found a technique using a makeup sponge I... show more


I need the red vest because my employer requires it, and it has pockets for the medicines I need to take while I'm at work.

I am not sure I am explaining it right but I am thinking of a fastener used between two pieces of hard board (cardboard) that lets them move or spin. It is similar to a brass fastener but not with one end being pointy. Imaging a fastener with the head of a brass fastener on both sides. I don't know if that... show more