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I'm learning to make soap so that I have a nice, handmade gift to give to coworkers, friends, etc. I was wondering if there are any non-toxic additions I can add into it? I've tried apricot seeds for example, and may try glitter. Thanks for your help!

Best answer: Yes, rubber stamping. I finally just let it go and am selling the stamps I got.

My mother no longer does needlepoint and while cleaning out the basement, I found a large wooden frame-like 'thing' that she used to hold large needlepoint canvases while doing them (not a frame to put the completed canvas in). I'd like to sell it on Ebay, but I don't know what it's called. It... show more

I want to do a crochet themed blue and white Christmas tree in my craft room this year (because the room is light blue and white with brown accents). I got a 3’ white tree, and lights that change colors from blue to white. I want to put crochet hooks and little balls of blue and brown yarn on it, but I don’t know... show more

Ideally nothing TOO expensive, and nothing too large as I have little room to store anything. Serious ideas only please!

Why is my embroidery so bad?

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I am 17 so I'm new to embroidery, but why is the satin stitch so difficult for me? Could it be my floss? in the satin stitch, i get as close to my first stitch but i still get gaps? Is it that my floss isnt filling it enough?

Are Jigsaw a good hobby?

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Best answer: Aww that's really sweet! Yes jigsaw puzzles are an excellent hobby! I'm very sorry for the loss of your grandparents. You can keep them alive in your heart by remembering them when you do jigsaw puzzles. I like to do jigsaw puzzles as well!

I'm planning on doing some craft projects and I don't know the right glue to use. I'm going to be gluing metal together and maybe glass. Normally I use hot glue gun for everything but I was told it's not strong enough for what I plan on doing. Other crafters seem to use E6000 a lot but I've read... show more

Sometimes when i lose control i start breaking things and throwing things and sometimes those things are mine that have value and breaking things doesn’t solve anything.

Best answer: Super glue is usually completely dry after 20 minutes. At around 5 minutes it'll be dry enough to handle

Best answer: Since you're into pyrography, what about making a nice decorated wooden bin for some of his vinyl? You could personalize it and tailor it to his organization scheme.

What are some of your hobbies?

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Best answer: Why would you be embarrassed to take lessons in the first place? nobody starts out perfect at anything. It's not like the teacher will expect you to be Beethoven during your first lesson. You should go for it.

Best answer: Definitely, something to do with art. Or, if you're a big big nerd you should play Dungeons and Dragons like me and a million other people. All you need to start is the Players Handbook which 'll run you about $40-$50 and most other things can be found online such as the character sheets and old modules.... show more