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Best answer: You have a friend??

Why are gamers cool?

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Ps4 survival games?

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I love games that have survival in it with base building etc. any suggestions?

Best answer: I suppose I enjoy the Motor Racing games the most. I have the add on steering wheel and pedals too.

Best answer: I've never had a problem finding time. There are 168 hours in a week. Subtract 56 hours for sleep and 40 hours for a full time job. There's still 72 hours left over... That's almost TWICE as much free time as work time in a week. You can spend 40 hours a week gaming and still have 32 hours left for... show more

Do I need a gaming license?

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I want to make a Visual Novel and I hopefully want to try and sell it, but I don't know if I need a gaming license. Does anyone know if I need a gaming license to make it?

Best answer: You'll know the answer to that more than me, even though my circumstamces arn't miles different, the 2600 best looking game console ever jeje...i mean has any other had a wood venier finish? Perhaps you're as much bored with playing the same genre of games as you have always done, but there are so... show more

As well as a few old Sega games like Sonic games, Golden Axe, etc. And some old Mario games from the NES and SNES era.

Can Xbox One and PS4 Play together?

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Best answer: To answer your questions, albeit in a different order than asked... 4) Cross-Platform support is a reality. This was originally done as console-PC cross-play, but has expanded to cross-console play. Here's a few noted titles with cross-platform support. * Sea of Thieves -- XBox One / PC (Windows 10) Support... show more

I just don't undersand the hate for this. He is still entertaining regardless, so what's the problem? If anyone can give me any sort of intelligent reason why it'd bad, i will gladly debate with you

Best answer: Yes, but not like a standard Fallout game would have. There will be quests in the game for you to do in order to level up your character and get some loot. But there will be no main storyline like in Fallout 4. The main "story" is to survive in the wasteland and try to build a settlement and defend... show more

Best answer: Tales of Symphonia Baten Kaitos

Best answer: No. It's more steam-punk / diesel-punk, maybe magi-punk. Cyberpunk implies that computers are ubiquitous - to the point where they're even implanted inside of people. While there certainly is technology in FF7 there really aren't any computers.

Best answer: Just live simple life, just make sure you got huge money saving in bank so you won't push yourself too hard trying to be rich

Best answer: What does this have to do with Gaming?

What is Fortnite?

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