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GameStop won’t return new game?

13 answers · 2 days ago
I bought a new switch game from GameStop and opened it. Didn’t like the game. They wouldn’t return it. They said to look at the back of the receipt, but the receipt didn’t say I couldn’t return an opened game. How do I get my full refund?

Well it seems you old religious douchebag Bible bashers want society to ban violently video games because you think they cause people that be violent without any evidence and being proven wrong time and time and time and TIME again. Yet here you are preaching a religion and a book that has made certain people go... show more

Best answer: If there was a cure for being gay, then maybe YOU would finally have a cure for your insatiable craving for male genitals that affects your daily life.

What if kerbin encounters earth?

5 answers · 1 day ago
Best answer: According to Kerbal space program's Wiki, Kerbin, the main planet of the Kerbils, our own Moon is 1.4x the mass of Kerbin. So it would likely get into a tug of war with our own Moon, and our Moon will likely win, because it outweighs Kerberin. However, another likely outcome is that Kerbin's two moons, Mun... show more

Best answer: There's a few of these in some aspects... * A Nightmare on Elm Street (NES) -- Players will "fall asleep" & confront Freddy Kruger throughout the game. * Little Nemo: The Dream Master (NES) -- Based on the cartoon series "Little Nemo" (which happens to be in public domain nowadays)... show more

Best answer: Get many pets

Is ps4 pro a blu ray player?

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Is anyone there?

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Best answer: Pierce Brosnan Craig killed the Bond franchise, turned the series from a mix of action/comedy to a generic dead serious action film.

So i’m thinking about getting a ps4 in may 2019 but i’m wondering if it’s still worth it considering we’re getting closer to the ps5, My question is do you think i should still get ps4 or wait for the ps5?

Why do people still play Fortnite?

5 answers · 3 days ago
Something I can’t get over is by the fact that people still play Fortnite. I don’t see the fun of it. I find it embarrassing to have a game at the top with the grand legends like Tetris, Grand Theft Auto 5 and others. Fortnite has already like 250 million players on its servers. And I don’t see it dying soon or... show more

Should video games be regulated?

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Is the 3DS dead?

4 answers · 3 days ago
Best answer: supporting a device and developing games are two different things. Microsoft is still supporting the 360, but have stopped making games and are focusing on Xbox One and the future. but online services are still available for 360, along with backwards compatibility. so in theory, the 3DS may be dead if no more... show more

Specifically, final fantasy 7 , shining force, and pool of radiance and their sequels.

My girlfriend bought me a PS4 Pro and wants to buy me games, but she says she only wants me to play games where you play as a woman because it's less sexist and she prefers watching them. I didn't think I'd ever be able to afford video games because I've had so many financial responsibilities since... show more

Best answer: yes, my freinds and i still play it and we find it super fun :DD

I am writing an assignment about a game that uses actual movie footage as the gameplay and scenes (Think "Batman:Telltale", only with real actors, a strange mix between game and interactive movie) and was wondering if any of you know games where they use real actors and movie footage, either as cutsenes... show more

Not like diamond for the dlc weapon but does the dlc weapon itself need gold for the rest of the gun class to be diamond? For example, could u get the rest of your SMGs diamond without getting the daemon or switchblade gold?