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Best answer: Because there are other aircraft out there that are smaller and can do the same job. Such as the 787, 350 and the 330NEO. Also the A380 much like the 747 has longer turn around times and is more expensive to maintain and operate.

Best answer: In all honesty I wouldn’t. As the shop owner I’d want to keep a close eye on what price my clothes are being sold for. And if you wanted to take some home to send away I would definitely not trust you. If you didn’t, there would still be issues with communication because you might lie. You have to think about these... show more

Maybe ship it to a "close" by US post office and drive there to collect it or something?

Best answer: The Post Office(GPO) and British Telecom(BT) became two separate companies in the early 1980s. So even if your internet provider happens to be BT, you cannot pay at the Post Office. You may be able to pay a paper bill with a cheque each month. Why not contact your service provider and ask?

Best answer: Of course you can. As long as Avon is paid they don't care if you give the stuff away.

Question about USPS Mail?

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If I write a USPS letter to an employee of a business such as a Google San Francisco employee, after I write the sender address, can I write on the lower left corner of the envelope "Urgent Mail?"

Best answer: What address did the sender use, street or PO Box? That's where it will go. USPS doesn't decide which address it goes to, whoever sent it does. If you gave them both addresses, you now need to find out from them what address they used. The tracking number should show the destination address, however.... show more

Will I get my check mailed to me?

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Best answer: Nope. If you want to get paid, you'll have to call your old manager and schedule a time to go pick up your check. Don't sweat it. You're certainly not the first snowflake who quit on your manager in this fashion, nor will you be the last. Go get your money.

On Friday, you look at next week’s schedule and it says you’re off on Monday. Skip ahead to Monday, you’re sitting down watching TV and you get a call from work. You’re thinking someone must have called out sick so they need you. But when you answer the phone, the first thing your manager says is, “Where are you?”... show more

I'm going to try and make this blunt and to the point. I've worked for a chain restaurant for years, and this summer transferred to a different store on the college campus I attend. The store was failing, barely any profits, and the last manager besides the general manager quit. She was desperate to promote... show more

Best answer: It is going to depend on the circumstances and location of your death. It also will depend on the amount of time that has passed between your death and your body being discovered If the EMT's arrive quickly and CPR is started you (your body) will be taken to the hospital where a doctor will pronounce you... show more

Someone asked me this but they are in a small rural area in another country and want to purchase something from my shop. If this is possible, how would they fill the required address information during checkout? And if it is not possible, what are their options? P.O. Box?

Best answer: It didn't leave circulation. Whoever exchanged for it, essentially bought it from you and will spend it themselves putting it back into circulation. If you took money and buried it in your back yard then it leaves circulation. If enough people do this (somehow take money out of circulation - lose it or... show more

Best answer: Send an email back - 'What project is it that I am supporting you on?"