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How is it cumming or coming?

7 answers · 21 hours ago
Best answer: "I am coming soon to theaters" is the correct way. Cumming means you are having an orgasm and ejaculating semen aka cüm.

Ariana Ariyanna Aureyanna Aryana Aureaunna

Best answer: The saying “all roads lead to Rome” has been used since the Middle Ages, and refers to the fact that the Roman Empire’s roadways radiated outwards from its capital.

What does 'to you' mean here?

9 answers · 23 hours ago
One of my old teachers sent me a message ending 'Mr C, but Stephen to you!' What does 'to you' mean in this context? (I have long left school now!)

Best answer: Just 'wake' sounds a little more formal than 'wake up'. But there is no difference in meaning, and both may be Transitive (I woke her early) or Intransitive (I woke early).

I think it means something to do with "sexy body" like - she looks gluptues - can someone help find the right spelling and definition thank you for reading and answering -

Its not necessarily "apathetic", because the person shows silent strength as a response instead of just acting aloof or like they don't care. The closest word I can think of is "numb" but I feel there's a better word for it.. any help?? lol Thanks in advance for answering! :)

Which spelling do you like better?

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Alisha or Alicia Kelsey or Kelsea Krystal or Crystal Mackenzie or McKenzie Michaela or Mikayla

English grammar?

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Which would be the correct sentence: ''Hopefully, my points have contributed with several good reasons about the importance of school trips'' or ''Hopefully, my points have contributed several good reasons about the importance of school trips''

Best answer: It means that you have to give up part of the dream because it cannot be done along with all the other parts of the dream. You give up part, to get part. that is the idea of compromise: give a little, get a little. It isn't quite an abandonment as a recognition of reality. Almost no one ever fulfills their... show more

he has this weird mind power where when he touches people he can see some of their memories and and maybe something bad that’s going to happen to them and feel their emotions and he falls in love with this girl after saving her from being hit by a car despite being afraid to touch people after acccidentally killing... show more

Best answer: "Ran" is the simple past. "Run" is the past participle, used when you also have an auxiliary verb like "have."