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... the Chancellor of The Exchequer announced the provision of £ 738m for this purpose. Thanks in advance! 😃

Is "Happy Voting!" correct English?

8 answers · 18 hours ago
Is it correct to say "Happy Voting!"? Or should I say "Happy Voting Day."...?

What does buddy mean?

8 answers · 23 hours ago
I have never heard of that word before.

Best answer: Of course not. If anyone tries to make me listen when I don't want to listen to him, I feel like criticizing him.

Best answer: shut up already man

- Whose pen is this pen? - Whose pens are those pens? Thanks!

Is this sentence correct?

6 answers · 9 hours ago
once upon a time in the woods live a peasant

Is () straight years correct English?

6 answers · 10 hours ago
It took 5 straight years to build this. Is this correct English? I want to say that it took 5 continuous years of non-stop work.

1 He wakes up as soon as the alarm clock rings OFF mornings. I'm not sure if the preposition 'OFF' is correct or not. If not, what preposition should I use?

Best answer: The second exchange would be different for most native speakers. "Who does he teach?" "He teaches me". But possibly: "Which class does he teach?" "He teaches my class". Certainly not: "He is mine", because that would imply that he teaches you alone, and does not... show more

Best answer: You use "where" with places, as you use "who" with people. If you start with "we" and "our" you continue with "ours" not "yours." "Stuff" is vague and needs to be more specific. I doubt that you mean "things." Unfortunately we live in... show more

Best answer: "Is he a doctor?", or "Is she a doctor?" - never "it". "Yes he/she is." "Is that person a doctor?" "Yes he/she is", or "No he/she isn't". The sentences about Tom are normal. "He/she is your friend, isn't he/she?" "No,... show more

What does significant mean?

12 answers · 4 days ago