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Can a WRONG...become RIGHT?

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Is it just me or does life just not make sense. I see people trying to make sense of things that happen in life, but maybe things just happen in life. Good or bad, some people are extremely lucky, some just are not. THings just happen and many times there really is no reason it happened, it just happened. I guess... show more

How quickly did you write them off & why?

if not, then why? and what would it then be considered?

Best answer: If your awareness is in the following interpretation (which is a recognized and honored orientation) of "systematically" or "3-dimensionally," would suggest these resources which will be listed after explication of said interpretation of your awareness, to wit: your awareness is not primarily... show more

Best answer: AVOID PESSIMISM THE BIBLE SAYS: “If you become discouraged in the day of distress, your strength will be meager.”—Proverbs 24:10. WHAT IT MEANS: Pessimism will sap you of the strength you need to improve your situation or to help you deal with it. FOCUS ON THE POSITIVE THE BIBLE SAYS: “All the days of the afflicted... show more

What is the meaning of life?

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How do we hear our own thoughts?

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Best answer: Lets first understand what Nietzche means. Nietzche and Hegel use the term "slave morality" in the context of the "Master-Slave" dialectic. Masters are those with power. Slaves are the oppressed. Christ's "slave morality" from Nietzche's point of view is a morality from the... show more

How's the Philosophy going ?

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Best answer: its going welll thank you

Best answer: Stanley Rosen focuses (in "The Mask of Enlightenment") on Nietzsche's intuitive understanding of Enlightenment (Descartes-Kant) scientism as art, as a creation of man ("the world as a work of art that gives birth to itself"--cf Ouroboros), and Nietzsche's "modern" awareness of... show more

Thank you

Best answer: It's hard being objective.

Best answer:   .   Lying is the basis of the biblical tales forged in stone, since the value of one sided ethics are bias to the global gambit, the factor of lying as a skillful ability unfolds to deception and diversion from realism, since most humans float on water, they all must be bewitched like wood, therefore all trees... show more

Best answer: are veggies dead when they are harvested if so then every living thing eats dead things if eating dead things is evil then everything is evil

Why is LIFE -- an 'Adjective'?

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Best answer: The word 'life' is a noun, but in English any noun may be USED as an adjective. For example, a coffee house, a tea cup, a nightdress. In these examples coffee, tea and night are of course all nouns, but they are BEHAVING like adjectives, describing the noun that follows. In exactly the same way, you can... show more