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What's the meaning of life?

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Does the world need you ?

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Why ?

Best answer: George Washington or Abe Lincoln. Would not want to meet a fraud like Jesus of Nazareth who did not achieve anything important.

What is the meaning of life?

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What is your opinion of Solipsism?

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Best answer: Two parts: "I know the Noumenon of I" (meditation of Schopenhauer); and, "I am the only one" (this is illogical; rather, one's Schopenhauerian knowing has no absolute certitude re otherness). Descartes' solipsism was simply radical epistemological questioning; Descartes intuited or... show more

I believe that life has no meaning and that humans as an existence have no significant impact on the universe. Now I know that sounds like nihilism but I don t agree that morals should just be thrown away yknow. Yes there s no meaning to life and we re all insignificant but I still have hopes and dreams for my... show more

Oh what is life?

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Best answer: It's pointless. They claim they have one life, so with that life, they are gonna waste it on mocking religion, they are gonna waste it on mocking someone who is according to them ''non-existent'' they are a laughing stock.

What would change in the world if girls owned everything and boys were just their slaves?

I think our brains will connect directly to the internet, giving us all super intelligence and connecting all of our minds so that we become a collective super consciousness. We could become like a God.

Best answer: All the oriental people have blended in and are working hard. Meanwhile the migrant freeloaders are moving in and sitting around collecting benefits or wandering about the streets where you see them.

Best answer: Most of the winners of the Strong Man contests seem to be Scandinavian/ Icelandic