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What's the hype about Harry Potter?

21 answers · 2 days ago
I'm an adult now. I never read it as a child. I don't like fantasy books. Do you think I will like it?

Are distopia books a popular type?

8 answers · 2 hours ago
Was thinking about doing one base on last 3 and half years as trump as president

Help me! I don't wanna become out of touch. But anytime I cut down reading I end up stopping altogether which I don't want either.

Best answer: The novel was written in Europe. (Passive voice, the action happening to the subject of the sentence) The author wrote the novel in Europe. (Active voice, the subject of the sentence performing the action)

Like a book on how to recycle more or declutter or on being a kind person or more positive. Or maybe a science book to educate them a bit. Or a world fact book on geography. Basically a gift that will be useful to them and encourage them to do something positive (like read) and at the same time educate them.

I want some ideas for something I'm writing. I would appreciate your guidance. Thanks!

Book Recommendations?

4 answers · 3 days ago
Can you give me some recommendations on what I should read? Here's some of my favorites: Inherent Vice by Thomas Pynchon Cannery Row by John Steinbeck Other Voices, Other Rooms by Truman Capote The Stranger by Albert Camus As I Lay Dying by William Faulkner Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov In Cold Blood by Truman... show more

Need Writing Critique?

9 answers · 4 days ago
Hey I need advice on what I need to critique for this. I appreciate no sugar coating, but keep in mind: pointless insults help no one. Thank you! Here's the link-

What type of novels do you read?

24 answers · 5 days ago
What genre? I like historical-fiction from antiquity and fantasy. Also, if you could recommend me some of the best novels you have ever read about your genre.

So, I’m writing a novel about this axe murderer who is on the loose, and during this one part, he’s at a school and the police get called in about a disturbed man with an axe, and when he’s in the hallway and the police see him, he manages to run fast enough to lose them and hides in an empty classroom in wait for... show more

I used to love reading, but havent found any books that I can get through lately. I'm open to any fiction genre, exept heavy fantasy or sci/fi. With heavy fantasy I mean books like lord of the rings etc, but I'm fine with "lighter" fantasy like the divergent series or dark matter by blake... show more

I'll be on the train reading a book, then someone will get on, catch my eye, then start singing loudly and out of tune. I'd sit in the back yard reading, the neighbor will see me through the window then come out and start mowing their lawn or burning garbage. I'll be reading in the living room, then my... show more

I want fiction, not actual diaries or memoirs. Not interested in YA books, either. I read The Tattooist of Auschwitz recently and it was very bad! The author brought it across more as one of those bad 80s summer camp movies with the mean counselors vs. the good teenagers.

I've posted this before, and many of you gave really insightful answers, so thank you for that (for clarification, this is the one). I went back and edited it some more, and I was wondering if this is any better. Thank you for all of your... show more