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Best answer: Yes, of course they did considering the fact that electric guitars came about in the middle of the 20th century and jazz is much older than that. Archtops (primarily made by Gibson) were the instrument of choice, except for "gypsy" (sorry for the derogatory term) jazz guitarists who favored... show more

Best answer: None of those decades. The 1970s is the answer you're looking for.

a) yes b) no

Best answer: I think he would have, but taking a very long break first. When he went to Paris he was very burnt out, there were these "indecent exposure" accusations (probably a set up, as no pictures have ever been found)... He thought of himself mostly as a poet, but he never said The Doors was over. I think he... show more

What type of guitar is this?

5 answers · 2 weeks ago
Would like to know please wanted to try to start practicing guitar

Best answer: It itself isn't obnoxiously pretentious, but sometimes those who listen to it are, the ones who only listen to it to seem more refined than they are without really enjoying it.

Question about George Carlin?

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Recently discovered George Carlin and have been watching several recordings of his shows on YouTube. One of the things I've noticed about him is it's almost like he's making it up as he goes. Did he do that or did he know the material but just did it as part of his act?

Best answer: Sadly, when I went to the Freak Shooting Range on the Coney Island boardwalk some years ago, it was closed. And I am told it has since been shut down. But there may be something similar elsewhere. You used to be able to take pot shots with paint guns at down and outs who would do anything for their next bottle... show more

Is cowbell important in a music show?

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Best answer: To me, it's more or less essential.

Best answer: It's because they WERE muppets.

Best answer: That is a very subjective assessment to make. Entertainment is mostly a social construct, tied to culture and rarely has much depth or complexity. It tends to peek and then is quickly forgotten. Doesn't really stand up to repeat viewings. Art is more universal, usually with complex subjects, techniques and... show more

What do I do?

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Best answer: Appears you have a flair for words. Try writing. (acting). Some help centers have programs that research an individual's talent(s). Peace.

Been playing for a few years now but I still feel like I m not as good at soloing or other things that require me to be fast on single notes.

What kind of guitar is this?

10 answers · 2 months ago
I’ve had this guitar lying around in the garage for about a year now and I’m looking to sell it, I got it as a gift but I don’t even play guitar, so it’ll be more useful to someone else than me. I wish I could add more than one picture (it won’t let me idk why) but it’s a Seymour Duncan Electric Guitar and it says... show more