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Being virgins in society today is embarrassing?

189 answers · Gender Studies · 2 weeks ago
For some they look like the joke of the year, or you're lame.

Are conservative women more subservient to men?

48 answers · Gender Studies · 2 weeks ago

Best answer: Capitalists are the motor of growth and development in our society.

Can women handle the pressure which men faces everyday?

43 answers · Gender Studies · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: They don't usually do well. Sexual pressure bothers them. Men thrive on it. Insults and comments about physical characteristics. Men accept it, women complain to HR. The pressure to be subservient, to an oppressive boss to gain stature in his eyes. Men manage this daily. Women call the cops! Women are satisfied... show more

Hi, so I've heard a few couple of times that you can accidentally telepathically communicate with someone and not even know it. I tried searching this up on the internet a few times and it keeps giving me crap. So I want to know, how does it happen and how do you receive those messages. Like, do you think those... show more

Do i have the right to avoid men and african american women?

10 answers · Gender Studies · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: Yes, you have the right to choose who to associate with. As long as you're respectful about it in situations out of your control (work, school, ect.).

My Aunt is a narcissist. Could this mean she is incurable?

10 answers · Psychology · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: No she’s treatable one of the best treatments that really work Is making cups of coffee and pretending your The waiter whom serves the clients your Aunt and generally being at her service thanks? Good jokes and talks about the past May help also, if you have a record player Or a speaker or ear buds many... show more

Best answer: "Plus size" used to mean a few pounds north of average. This notion that being 100 lbs overweight should be normalized is a dangerous trend IMHO. As an habitual distance runner who's been accused my whole life of being anorexic I get that body shaming is hurtful. But there's a difference between... show more

i ride around on a $50 skateboard but Trevor down the way rides around on the Speed Demon 3000. my girl left me for him. why women such gold diggers?

Why were women made weaker than men?

19 answers · Gender Studies · 2 weeks ago
Why were women made so weak so that men can physically abuse them and control them the way they did and still do now? Why didn't nature make women strong enough to stand up for themselves against men?

I watch videos and look at Facebook, read internet stuff, search for stuff. Now it's Sunday night I I really didn't do anything this weekend. I exercised yesterday morning and ate dinner with my parents this evening but then I'm back on the computer again. I can't seem to do anything else. It's... show more