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So why is hating men okay but hating women not?

25 answers · Gender Studies · 18 hours ago
Nice gender equality right there. Before anyone thinks it. Im not condoning misgoyny at all.. I'm just pointing out the acceptance in society of obvious man hating and we wonder why male suicide is a epidemic worldwide. It's not that men don't seek help.. Its that society doesn't care because men... show more

Is affirmative action still needed?

10 answers · Gender Studies · 1 day ago

Is "Toxic Masculinity" a term created by?

17 answers · Gender Studies · 20 hours ago
Best answer: How it was created isn't really the issue, so much as how it's used. "Toxic Masculinity" is clearly used to to create the perception that maleness is bad. That's it. It's not productive, it's not scientific, it's simply a means to portray males in a negative light.

Why is masculinity toxic according to Gillette?

22 answers · Gender Studies · 3 days ago

I have a blood test tomorrow and I told my mum that I need her to come with me because i get anxious and scared if she isn't with me. She told me she didn't want to because it'd be bad for me because she wouldn't be helping me getting over my fears and growing, I told her that I really need her to... show more

What do you think?

Best answer: Once they snag a man, they don't care anymore. Lazy, fat and just don't care.

Is it o.k that 93 percent of workplace deaths are men?

8 answers · Gender Studies · 17 hours ago

How is the war on white men NOT racist and sexist?

10 answers · Gender Studies · 1 day ago

Why do most serial killers kill prostitutes?

20 answers · Psychology · 1 day ago

Hitting women. Ok or not?

15 answers · Gender Studies · 10 hours ago

How can I change my life?

18 answers · Psychology · 2 days ago
I'm 26, have a degree and am in an okay-paying job. I'm not happy. I live in a nice area and am financially stable but still feel like something is missing. I sit in an office all day, go home and lie in bed. Repeat x5. Weekends usually involve drinks and dreading work the following week. First world... show more

I have no gf or friends at all. Many blacks have friends or gfs. And it is me the one with the privilege?

If the sun is a star how come it doesn’t twinkle?

9 answers · Gender Studies · 2 days ago

Today's women are all lesbian and communist?

11 answers · Gender Studies · 5 hours ago