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And also do you know what it actually means? (It is not a nazi symbol)

Best answer: Is it that it is thin at one end, fat in the middle and thin at the other end?

I know blacks have always been treated poorly and were segregated before 1960's in America, but what about other races? Did Asians, Muslims, Hispanics and others have laws that kept them out of white spaces?

Are they part of an Art Academy? I am wondering because i need to pick a single icon covering all 3.

Best answer: Art is more expressive, while nature is always changing but still sticking to a natural cycle. It sounds like you have an eye for more expressive pieces. Nature isn't for everyone and same with art

This named after the Van Helsing character in the Nosferatu

Do you wish badly to be famous?

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Best answer: Famous to become hunted like Justin Bieber? No.

Best answer: I don't know the book, but it is obvious that the narrator was seeing himself in the picture, I think this is separate to seeing the relation to humanity. This was his own picture of himself. As far as humanity is concerned, I see a huge page, a huge bird (a self important humanity) in a headlong rush to... show more

Best answer: They are a name, Blurps are green colored, goggle-wearing fish that first appeared in the various underwater levels of Super Mario World. I could become a word if many people used it.

Best answer: Either provenance matters or it does not. If it doesn't matter, then why is Kanye West ever in the news at all? See the catch there? If you're ignoring provenance, you'd need to ignore all stories about him at all, rather than just ignoring "bad" stories. Which you can do quite easily with... show more

Best answer: I think some do it in public spaces hoping that someone will ask. I saw an artist doing some sketchwork, and they had this look about them that they were just hoping someone would come by and take an interest in them. I would think writers probably would prefer to be left alone, but not all of them for sure. I... show more

Best answer: Why would you want to kill Rose. Didn't she suffer enough? What if she, not the iceberg alone, made the Titanic sink? She had a chocolate craving. The compartment walls were made of Belgian chocolate. The iceberg punched a few holes into the ship's side just as she had munched a hole in the barrier... show more