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I would guess that it is much higher.

We live in Oregon. My insurance company is being persistent about me coming in to discuss adding my licenced 17 year old son to my policy. We are on a fixed income as I am disabled. Also, my son doesn't drive my car. Ever. I am requiring him to get a job first so that he can afford insurance before he is... show more

So you pay for the Car itself and Insurance. What other stuff do you have to pay for if there is any extra stuff?

I messed up. But could this have been handle better? Long story short: I just bought a vehicle, it s insured and I have the title, but with my crazy work schedule I wasn t able to get it registered until this Saturday. The person that I bought the car off from parked in someone else s parking space. I... show more

Best answer: You need one to drive on public roads In every state I have lived in ( that's 7 of the 50) you need a DL to register a vehicle and to purchase insurance ( not needed for renewal because its on file)

Or will I still have to have someone in the car with me with an actual drivers license ?

Best answer: Good question. Insurance is assigned to the vehicle not a person. So any casual driver would be covered by the policy assigned to the vehicle. Examples - my cousin comes in from out of town and drives my car around for a few days. I loan my car to my neighbor if their car is in the shop. I drive my friend to... show more

Car number plate?

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Best answer: Letters on a registration/number plate have to be a minimum size and have minimum spacing. It won't matter too much if you have a small gap; the cops would probably find it not worth the paperwork. They tend to dislike letters that are too close together or too small (because they can't be read easily when... show more

I am 20 years old with a learner's license and I want to take a driving test in my mom's car but my mom said I have to pay for the insurance. How much does it cost? My dad said I would be paying $1,200 to $1,500 a year. I really want to have a real license soon. How much does it cost and what can I do to... show more

Best answer: The reason they provide a company car is because you need one for your job. It's also an attractive perk for employees. But yes, they pay for insurance, maintenance and all fuel used in connection with your job. Private mileage (so commuting to and from work, shopping, leisure etc.) usually has to recorded... show more

Proof of insurance?

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I got a job as a delivery driver, cyclist. I've been asked to upload proof of insurance? What kind of insurance are they looking for thanks.

My car is cat d damaged?

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Best answer: Forget about getting money back. You could resell it, though. Though, I would not worry about it. ">Cat D As with Cat C vehicles, Cat D cars can be fixed - but the repairs will cost less than its market value. However, the insurance company's decision to repair the vehicle is dependent on more than... show more

I had my driver's license renewed in November because it expires in January and just received it this past week, and the new driver's license expires in July of 2019, has anyone been only given 7 months? Is it strange or was there an error why it's only a few months instead of 2 years or so?

Best answer: What? Why is the insurance company charging you money? This makes no sense. Insurance covers what it covers and any balance is your problem, not theirs. OR are you saying the driver of the other vehicle is still trying to collect from your insurance company? If this is a premium increase, that makes... show more

Best answer: If you purchased the automobile in full from a dealership it was their responsibility to submit the vehicle title application to your state's DMV offices. You should have then received the title directly from the DMV within a month or so. Did none of this happen? You best talk to the sales manager at the... show more

I bought a used car from a private owner today, however later on I noticed there are two names listed on the title separated by the word "And" . At the bottom only one name is printed and signed. I m wondering if this will be an issue when I go to get the title transferred and plates and such. I live in... show more