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Gap insurance question?

10 answers · 3 days ago
I bought a car from Jaguar with gap insurance and i totaled my car after some dumb lady pulled an illegal U turn in front of me. Her insurance said my car is totaled. They're coming to pick it up in a couple days. And i was wondering how does gap insurance really works and do i have to buy my next car from... show more

I know i should've changed it but I completly forgot and it's now just hit me that my theory is tomorrow, if they ask for my address should i tell them the one on my provisional incase or explain that i moved a few months ago?

Stopped for no insurance?

13 answers · 2 days ago
Best answer: Dad’s insurance would be in effect when she is driving his car with insurance. If he has insurance on the vehicle the proof can be shown to the court and the citation will be dropped. If he doesn’t then he should pay her ticket since it is his fault.

Yeah you know I got a quote from the General that was $2300 per year plus a $1000 deductible which brings it to only $1300 per year. That's pretty good, but is there any coverage that costs less than this? Do other compnays offer a discount like this one?

I’m looking into buying myself a used 2005 mustang. I have the money to buy it but I’m not sure how much insurance is. I’ve had my license for 11 months now and have yet to get in any accidents or receive any tickets. Impressive right. Now i just need to know would insurance be more expensive with the type of car... show more

Best answer: Friend I would keep a copy of my insurance stuck away for 1 year just to be on the safe side but if a person claims that they were in an accident with you they're usually needs to be a police report in order for it to hold any Credence with the insurance company.

My home state is Ohio and I'm looking to purchase a vehicle in Michigan, I'm wondering the proper procedure for putting the vehicle in my name. Would I just go to the DMV in Michigan and have it transferinto my name there and have a michigan title? Or would I have the seller sign the title then transfer it... show more

So i was just wondering how it works on insurance, are both mine and my company insurance companies handling this? The other driver that hit me took my licence, and I believe the company is going to the place to report it tomorrow. If you have any info at all that would be great, thank you.

I need help!!?

15 answers · 5 days ago
The other day I got in a car crash and my car is completely gone. I was getting ready to pull out my parking when the person came from the side and hit me. So the police are now saying they can’t rule who was at fault when it was obviously him! Now I can’t be rembursed for my car they can’t even pay for a rental... show more

How to tag out of state car?

5 answers · 1 day ago

Best answer: Visit a few used car sales websites and print out advertisements for cars that are for sale with the same features and mileage as yours. Some sites to visit include and Show that information to your insurance company.

how much would you estimate my monthly pay i live in California in the IE I'm 19 years old have one year since I got my license I have no credit but I do have enough money to put down a hefty downpayment

Say my car randomly starts releasing smoke, or making a weird noise, will comprehensive insurance cover the repair cost for this, or does it purely cover damage to my car as the result of an accident? Thanks in advance