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Every time I unlock/lock my car doors using the key fob it turns on all the interior lights and everyone can see inside of my car clearly for the few seconds and it kind of bothers me. I decided on using blue cellophane over the lights casings, but would still like to know if I can do something a little more than that.

I had an overheating issue with my car. No external leaks but it was apparent that some combustion gases would get into the cooling system and overheat after a 30 min drive. Took it to the shop and the mechanic says that the head gasket has blown, motors are bad and that it isn’t fixable. I already spent a good... show more

I am new to driving. I heard that people accidentally leave a car in idle overnight. They leave a car on battery. I don't know how to tell if the car is fully off or if I turned the key to much the wrong way.

My car was completely dead so i had to jump with my dad's car and ran into Sam's club. I have Toyota Corolla LE car but i don't why i accidentally told worker at the vehicle motor that I have Toyota Corolla SE. I guess they put SE new battery in my LE car. After they change the battery, my car engine... show more

Maintenance light came on at 90k miles but I ignored it. Now car has 110k miles. Transmission shifts fine. So can it go 200k miles?

Car battery bad or something else?

7 answers · 9 hours ago
Best answer: It sounds like a battery that has reached the end of its useful life and is no longer able to hold sufficient charge for long enough. A bad battery connection (loose or corroded) COULD cause similar symptoms but I imagine you checked for that and would have spotted it when doing the jump start. You would know... show more

I have people say wait 20 seconds others say 2 minutes others say take it for a ride and let it get to operating temp.. From your experience whats the best way to get an accurate reading? thanks a lot!

This is a rant, but I used to work at a car wash and it baffled me on how many people don’t know anything on how to take care of their vehicles. People who go to automatic car washes don’t know that small debris is scratching their paint. I kid you not, since the entire 6 months that I worked at that site, not once... show more

98 ranger 180k miles in phenomenal shape but my new job Has a decent commute and I’d be driving about 20-25k miles. Regardless of the gas mileage is it ok to drive a truck that old that much? It’s all high way miles about 55 mph very few turns and very little stop and go. Thank you.

Tire size question?

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Best answer: In a pinch, Maggy, yes, you could use a pair of 225/65/R17 sized tires temporarily. Not ideal but for short tern they would be acceptable. However, please be aware the wider section width tire will degrade the handling, stability and control aspects of your automobile. Plus, the fact that they are used and... show more

so i have a 93 prelude 5 speed manual and the car will start up fine and drive fine but it has started randomly happening i thought it was my cv axle because it seemed to happen when driving and the boOt is ripped but it started happing when i was stopped idling in neutral IT SOUNDS SIMILAR TO THE SOUND OF HAVING... show more

I asked my friend if he thought I could stab my pen into the seat and make a hole. He said "Idk, try" so I did. I came home after the bus driver and principal had talked to me and I may be getting In School Suspension. It was about a little less than a quarter inch. I don t know why they wouldn t just put... show more

Best answer: Best to check the oil while the engine is running. You may need six quarts.....

Best answer: Aftermarket motor mounts don't cause a ''shudder''. In fact, they are generally better than the factory supplied mounts. I would take the cat to an independent mechanic and find out what the REAL problem is.