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Music calm me down. And sometimes when i drive i like having earbuds in when i drive. I know it is dangerous but i drive a crappy car and i dont care if i crash it anyway. Am i an idiot for driving with my earbuds in?

Best answer: Construction workers do not have the authority to write tickets. Unless a cop was there or surveilance cameras you should be fine. Luckily you were safe. Sounds like it was the construction workers error anyway. I wouldn't sweat it.

I was at a light of a three lane, usually busy road. I’m a senior in high school and this road leads from my school to my house so I take it every day. I always turn right at the light, and where I turn right is basically located at the end of the intersection, but still in it. Today before I turned I looked for... show more

I just recently moved into the country and I noticed that cars behind me always just past by me on a 1 way lane. I always drive by the speed limit. Is there something I'm doing wrong? Are the drivers behind me passing me illegally?

Best answer: Your car weighs more than you.

Best answer: Others have addressed your blindspot question... I'll take the opportunity to augment the response from "tellitlikeitis". I've had to go through some very specific driver training for a volunteer position with our local PD. Their guidance is hands at 8 and 4. The reason is associated with airbag... show more

Like it is seriously ridiculous! If I wait more than 5 seconds to make my turn, I got a whole bunch of horns blaring. I've almost been t-boned several times while trying to exit parking lots, and it wasn't even MY fault! The cars would either be zooming by super fast without obeying speed signs or the... show more

Are cars more dangerous these days?

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Im so scared when I’m in a car these days because on crossroads it’s so easy to crash and to stop it let’s crash instead of shifting the car.

Best answer: I always use my turn signals, even if there’s not a soul in sight. It’s mostly just habit, after all my years of driving.

Best answer: I was on a parkway yesterday doing the speed limit of 55, and cars were passing me going about 80, I would take my chances on lower speed side streets to be safer. Additionally, don't drive a small car, the more metal between you and another car is better in case you get hit. I drive an SUV, and would never go... show more

Best answer: No. If something for which you would be able to sue ALMOST happened, then you were ALMOST able to sue. The more interesting question is whether you would have been able to sue if you were hit. I seem to remember a rule that you're not allowed to stop on tracks, and you're not allowed to drive onto tracks... show more

I live in Wisconsin and was specifically wondering if there are statistics for each U.S state.