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I'm 18 and I want to get my driver's license, but I'm scared of driving, because I'm afraid of running someone over or getting into an accident, but I feel bad for always asking my parents to drive me places. What do you guys think?

Looking for a driving job that doesn't need a cdl.

Why are modern cars so ugly?

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I'm planning on attending a concert tomorrow night at this venu that's across from a McDonalds, so it would be very convenient if I was to park there to say the least. The issue that I would like to address is not knowing whether or not there will be consequences for me deciding to leave my car there for... show more

How can I get that mustang sound?

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Best answer: Usually installing a balance tube (H-pipe) to the exhaust system gets you the old muscle car sound. An X-pipe makes a different sound.

I don't know if it matters but I am from Florida.

Best answer: OHV NASCAR 427 ................

Best answer: Yes, air pumps, EGR valves, PCV valves started late 1960s on some vehicles.

My employer won t let me use there truck and trailer, do I need to find something that matches exactly what I ll eventually be driving or can I bring any ol truck and trailer?

When it rains here the roads are an absolute disaster. My morning commute of 30 mins turns into an hour or sometimes even 2 hours. Cars are in ditches, accidents at intersections because people slide through on a red light. A few months back there was a 15 car pile up on a bridge which grid locked half the city... show more

Best answer: If you spend most of your time driving on crowded city freeways at 60 mph then 120 seems fast, but I've pushed through 5 States with 80 mph posted limits. Now to me 100 is no big deal. I have a fairly new Mustang, topped 110 a couple of times, didn't feel like it was near edge of control, but traffic and... show more

If a school bus is stopped with red lights flashing, but the stop sign is not extended, are drivers allowed to pass?

Best answer: That's the "welcome to America" tax.