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Best answer: Yes. It’s weird at first driving on the road with other cars around in a new car, but you will adapt. It could take a few weeks, a few months or a few years.

Their ads say "We won't be undersold." When I contacted them and said I could buy new tires at a big box store for $38 each, they said that it was probably that store's brand so there was no comparison. Their promise only applies to comparing the same brand between dealers.

So , we can’t afford our car anymore and I’m assuming the repo man may come soon ( we plan to volunteer to bring it back when we get the chance) we have car seats and items Still in the car , will they try to take those Items, and will they really come over night and take the car too ?? That’s what I heard

Cheap modifiable cars?

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I need a car around 4K max that has a decent amount of performance parts available. The car needs to be relatively safe and have low insurance cuz that’s my dads needs.

I need a car ASAP?

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I missed my bus this afternoon on my way to an appointment so I had to walk 15 MINUTES ( long time) to catch a bus from a different route. The bus then took too long (moved slowly on purpose) to get to where I needed to go. Because of this I was late to my appointment. This situation made me realize how bad I need... show more

Best answer: Maybe it was one of Santa's reindeer coming in for a landing.

Best answer: Do you live in Texas? The onramps here are ridiculous. You have 100 feet on many of them to get on the freeway or get in a potential accident. It's all about judgement. If I'm far enough up and see a car or truck getting on the freeway I speed up if I can assuming no car in front of me. If I see he's... show more

If you are driving on an unpaved road that intersects with a paved road, which vehicle has the right of way?

Best answer: I was always taught that the first place to go after picking up a load is to the nearest scales to weigh the truck. The DRIVER is responsible to insure his vehicle is legal at all times. He should KNOW the weight of his truck and his load, and have the paperwork to prove it. If he gets a ticket for overweight,... show more

Best answer: Decide you're going to be more calm. Decide you're going to take direction and follow it. Good luck.

Best answer: You won’t find any statistic for that because it’s impossible to quote one when there are far too many variables. To put that more simply there is, and never has been, a universal standard “15 mile drive”. The only stats you will find are those compiled from data collected by police, driver medical checks and... show more

If you can drive a tractor at age 16 in the UK, does that mean I can convert a car into the legal definition of a tractor and essentially drive a car at age 16?

I found links on when the permit holder is under 18 that someone in the car must be 21 to teach them, however, I can't find laws when they are over 18.

I m looking for a new car that doesn t have the start/stop feature. I ve researched the cost to own and maintenance. I used to have a 1992 Acura and had to have the starter repaired. It cost a lot.