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Can someone get fired due to lack of work etiquette?

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For the past month, I've been wanting to quit due to personal/family reasons. Last week I finally had the courage to write a resignation letter. However, I made a really dumb mistake that same week. After work, I asked my shift manager at the time to help me find someone to cover my shift in 2 days because I... show more

I'm a college student & I just found out I got fired from an internship that I needed to complete in order to fulfill the program requirements for my graduation. I believe my supervisor set me up to fail. They gave me a task to do but gave me no direction whatsoever, instead asking another employee to... show more

How long does it take? Days, Weeks, Months, a year?

Best answer: He is your boss, it's not the other way round. So he would ignore you unless its something important or urgent

Should I fire my new employee?

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I just hired a new girl to work the summer at our ice cream shop. She started 3 weeks ago. Last Monday (her 2nd week) she asked to leave 1.5 hours early due to a family emergency. Today when I’m very short staffed she called in sick with the stomach bug. It has been going around the shop 2 of my other employees... show more

How much notice should I give when I leave my job?

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I work part time at a grocery store, I was recently hired for a full time job that I start July 22nd (It s at a school, that s why the start date). I want to give notice as I have been at my current job for over 15 years, I know it s normally 2 weeks. The thing is one of the stores in town is closing July 28th and... show more

My manager tried to say i look terrible at work?

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I work at a fashion store near my house. Even though i work at a clothing store i can’t wear what i want no hats,ripped jeans or clothings,spaghetti straps,crop tips or halter tops are allowed. So yesterday my two managers came up to me and said “i looked you up on Facebook.” And i said “well why did you do that”... show more

Why is it so hard to get a good paying job without a degree?

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What are good starting jobs for 17 year olds?

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Employer won't give me important days off?

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I asked for my sisters wedding dad off 6 weeks in advance I asked for a day off so I could go to the stag 4 weeks in advance I asked for my sisters graduation day off 8 weeks in advance All days were declined I work for a leading UK supermarket and I don't think declining all the days I want off is fair. I... show more

Should I cancel job interview?

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I applied at Chipotle and I scored an interview and I’ve been doing lots of research on the company and watching YouTube videos on other peoples experience working there. While I’m excited about the opportunity the more I’ve heard about what kind of person they’re looking for made me realize that I don’t feel like... show more

Employment after a disability?

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I had to resign my job a few years ago due to being diagnosed with cancer. Now that I’m better and able to work, it’s been tough finding employment within my degree as a teacher. I can get interviews but never selected. Potential employers see the gap in employment and think the worse or if I’m honest with them, I... show more

How long does it take to get a call for an interview?

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I applied for a job at a hospital as a payroll assistant. They wanted 2 years of experience and only required a high school diploma. I have 2 years of customer service experience and I'm a semester away from an associate's degree in accounting and have many of the skills relevant to the posting so I thought... show more

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How do I afford an apartment at 18?

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I want to move in with my boyfriend when college starts, but the problem is that our school doesn't allow people of the opposite sex to live together in the same room. We are planning on getting a room off campus.

I am a huge video game collector and never really had a job before. I want to work part time at Gamestop to help myself through college, but I am really nervous. I m in college focusing on a major in education, because I adore learning and I want to teach elementary grade. I m really scared though, that future... show more

Should I become a legal prostitute?

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They have legal brothels in Nevada. The prostitutes there make tons of money. One prostitute from the Bunnyranch mentioned that in one month, she made 12k before taxes. Some make more. If I become a prostitute, I will be able to retire when I’m 30 and won’t have to work again for the rest of my life.