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Is this real?

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Best answer: Beware" Give them your credit number and they will use it big-time and you will be billed for whatever they buy .. This is a scam, Re: "YOU HAVE WON A VACATION: " means the room is free, but you will have to pay a """service charge'', your airfare and all your meals..... show more

So I'm 17. I want to get a credit card and pay for my parents stuff with the credit card. Then they just give me cash. So it's the same as if they were going to buy it. I want to do this to higher my credit score. I was just wondering is it legal?

A car thats securing a personal loan.

Best answer: You can use PayPal, but your account still has to be linked to a credit card, even if isn't actually used in a purchase using your PayPal balance. PayPal used to have a way to buy using your personal check information but I don't know if they still have it.

What is the benefit of taking a credit card from my bank compared to taking up a loan or are there any?

Best answer: I'd have to ask my rich parents

Is there a way to keep them considering the history of ot bc i dont want to get new cc n start building credi history

Is 620 a bad credit score?

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I thought 620 was considered fair. I thought it is good enough to get approved for unsecured credit cards or an FHA mortgage. I do have collections, charge offs, and about 20 inquiries on my credit, do I need to wait for these to fall off before I can get approved? If FHA is guaranteed by the government, why would... show more

While my dad is handling everything and we still haven't heard from any insurance companies, I paid it off. Before paying it off, a letter was sent to that collection agency. Did I do something wrong? What can lawyers and insurance companies do now since i paid it off? Plus how will it affect my credit?... show more

I just recently graduated college and, obviously, had students loans. They were subsidized loans so they didn t acquire any interest till 6 months after I graduated. Well, it ll be 6 months in 6 days. The loan JUST went up in interest by $46 and it knocked my credit down by 51 PONTS. FIFTY ONE; It went from 729 to... show more

Does a company have to make a reasonable attempt to contact you about a debt before reporting it to a credit bureau or referring it to a third party collection agency? If so, what would constitute a reasonable attempt? Does a company have to tell you what the debt was for, when it was incurred, who the original... show more

So I got permission to use an advice service by using my grandmother's credit card after getting her permission to do so (I pay her back in cash). But i got an email and they asked why the cardholder's name wasn't mine and I explained the situation to them but I haven't gotten a response. So just... show more

With an extreme high interest rate.