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Best answer: If you don't trust the website with your real name - why are you trusting them with your card information. If you have a credit card that has a name on it that is not your name - you are committing credit card fraud and that is a crime. If you list a different name as the "name on the card" than the... show more

Best answer: It can take between two to three years for a debt to move from collections to an actual court case. During that time, the debt may be accumulating fees. When it becomes a court case, court fees and attorney fees will be added and interest might be allowed. If a payment arrangement can't be reached, then your... show more

I haven’t build my credit and don’t know where to start. I don’t owe nothing so basically I have a thin file or no credit score . I want to take out a personal loan or a credit card . 1 to build my credit score and the 2nd reason is because I actually need the money for a personal reason. I do have a bank account.

I gave my friend my bank card?

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I gave my friend my bank card to save for me, he had an incident with the police and they found the card and took it off him, what should I do?

It's from a credit card can't keep up with the payments after losing my business i live in TX

It always gets denied, saying the app is incomplete. What should I do? What does this mean?

Collection account started around Dec. 2015 early 2016. Do not know exact date. Had a live chat conversation with original creditor in 2017. Did I re start the statue of limitation time frame by reaching out to the original creditor? My account was already submitted to an agency and I was trying to pay the original... show more

Best answer: No, they are just offering you a new start. You can accept or reject it.

I was on maternity leave for longer than most women are on because I quit my job weeks before I had my baby. I started applying for jobs a few months ago and just last week I got a job. I owe money on my car from this month and am already late on this month and I’ll probably be a bit late on next months too. If I... show more

I research the average rates going nowadays and it is around 3 point 7 With my great credit score, they still just can only give me a 30 yr FIXED rate at 4 Does this have to do with not paying points or are the Lenders who I have chosen just trying to get the most out of me

My bank closed my credit card for not making payments timely. I recently ran into money issues. Two questions. One, how long does this stay on my report? And two, can I get it taken off early by writing a letter or something? And if I pay the balance?

my credit is not very good, around 570. However, I was sent a pre approval letter from first access. I was denied. Why did they deny me after sending me a pre approval

When credit card companies first rolled out chip cards, my coworker, who went to school for Information Technology, told me they will eventually figure out how to crack the chips. And today, stores sell RFID wallets, which are supposed to block thieves from scanning your card while it’s inside your pocket! But how... show more

Rewards points and store purchases?

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If I set up an account for rewards based on purchases at one store, would the same benefit apply to every store regardless of location? If I set up an account for rewards in Normal, IL for instance at Kohl's, would I still accrue points for rewards if I shop at a Kohl's in Denver for instance? Does Best... show more

I would like to get it all paid off in a lump sum, since we are trying to close the estate. How low can I negotiate and what negotiation tips do you have?