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Heath insurance after age 26?

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So I’m currently 25 about to turn 26, I live in California and I have medical as of right now under what was known as Obama care. Once I turn 26 that will go away. I’m currently a full time student, working part-time for the university that I attend and I’m filling my own taxes,(still living at home with my... show more

My dad is in the military and my family is insured under tricare. I m an 18 year old dependent, and am planning on getting married to my boyfriend before he leaves for the army. I m keeping my last name and I m still going to be living in the same house, do I have to change my insurance in any way? I don t see why... show more

Best answer: It depends on the policy: there are many types. A common type is one that provides a set dollar-amount limit. Once the insurer has paid that limit (say $200k or $500k), then benefits stop. Sometimes you can buy inflation protection in the policy. You should contact a reputable insurance agent for information.

I have full coverage on my vehicle, with my name on the policy, but I am not the main policy holder,lien holder still charges me extra,is this legal

From October 2018 up until this January my prescription (birth control) has been covered by my insurance. I haven t changed my provider or gotten information stating that there were changes in my coverage, so I m wondering who to contact/what steps to take. Someone told me to transfer pharmacies so I m also... show more

Only need it for car accidents, heart attacks. Very basic.

I have aflacs accident coverage and I have an injury that is more longer term and it started before I had coverage. But it only got real bad after I had the Aflac coverage. How do I go about this?! I’m assuming if I say the injury started a few years ago vs 5 months ago it’d be a different outcome. Also... show more

My city’s trash truck accidently backed into the garage on one of my rental properties. There was a LOT of damage to the garage. I filed a claim with the city and they refused to pay it because they said the garage was not permitted. Can they do that? If I file a claim with my house insurance they will... show more

Best answer: Empathetic yes. Emphatic no.

We are self employed, and trying to get health insurance has been horrible! So I have decided a discount program would be better. If there are any other alternatives out there, please list them. I am at my wits end!

Best answer: Accidental only covers death in accidents. If a person dies of natural causes, such as heart attack, cancer, AIDS, pneumonia, diabetes, or any other disease, then life insurance covers it and accidental does not cover it. If a person dies in a car crash or plane crash, drowns, or dies in some other accident, then... show more