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Best answer: Medicare for all sounds good and makes a good talking point. It won't work for a number of reasons, and anyone who knows anything about how Medicare and insurance works knows that. However, that's not what you asked. If we do go to Medicare for all there will still be insurance companies. Medicare does... show more

Best answer: You can request that the medical office or hospital not bill your insurance for the services, but you will have to pay up front or work out a payment plan before they will let you go self pay. Talk to the billing office in person.

Best answer: Yes. They only don't have to abide if the service isn't covered. It's covered, it's just that you hit the maximum. So, if they don't cover implants, that's not part of the fee schedule. But, if you hit the maximum and go in for a normally covered service, you get the discounted rate. If... show more

Does renters insurance cover food?

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Our power went out due to a fallen pole from a crash. We had just gone grocery shopping the day before. The refrigerator was off for more than 15 hours. Is there anything I can do or is it just a loss?

Say a poor man on Medicaid marries a wealthy woman but they file taxes individually (she doesn't claim him as a dependent), would the poor man still be eligible for Medicaid? And if not why?

My boyfriend has a lot of health ailments. There is a certain family member of his who has absolutely no financial ties to him what-so-ever but has a life insurance policy on him. This person has had the policy for years and from what I'm told has had the policy prior to his health ailments coming to light.... show more

Best answer: Why don't you submit the in-network with the dentist and then send the remaining bill off to the second insurance for reimbursement?

Best answer: If your father in law refuses to take his son off the father's insurance, then ask the father if he will pay the $1500 dollar deductible - if so, then problem solved - but if the father in law will not pay the $1500 dollar deductible, you may have to try to get the insurance company to contact your father in... show more

It’s a 2014 Nissan Altima S & it’s smashes on one side of the trunk the light broke & fell off & it ripped the bottom off some. I only have liability insurance will that cover it or am I going to have to pay out of pocket & also what’s an estimate of how long and how much it’s going to take to... show more

Best answer: I had a house fire back in 1995 which only had fire damages in 1 bedroom and part of the roof, but the major problem we had was smoke damages that caused the entire house in the inside to be stripped bare. The restoration company was there the next morning, thus they took everything, like clothing, furniture etc... show more

Do I need commercial use insurance?

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Best answer: Normally business use is "similar" to commercial insurance. But it appears that your insurance only covers while driving back and forth while working, but (excludes) if you have people/patients in your vehicle. See the difference between the 2 is that if you have an accident, they will cover you, but... show more

Long story short, its a part time job but i meet the criteria/Hours for health coverage as required by The Affordable Care Act. The coverage starts Nov 1, and by having the coverage i avoid the Tax penalties for not having qualified medical insurance. but in 2019 " The Shared Responsibility Payment " /... show more

Best answer: With such a major mess, having to remove dry wall & kitchen cabinets, etc, I'm surprised it isn't more.

this insurance is 20-y term, if they don't use it , they can get back the money that I get, no interest.

Healthcare marketplace question?

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Best answer: You can use any computer anywhere to sign up. If you child does not qualify for a tax subsidy, you are better enrolling directly with the insurance company as the plans with have a better selection of choices/benefits.