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1. Social Security 2. An Investment Fund that you do the following a. In your 20's put 1/2 of your investment funds in small cap funds, 1/4 in mid-cap funds, 1/4 in large cap funds b. In you 30's reduce your funds in small cap funds to 1/4, putting 1/8 in mid-cap funds, 1/8 in large cap funds c. In... show more

Best answer: A college degree is a valuable part of learning & growing up. You can't really get into investing & real estate without a good amount of MONEY. Unless you were born with millions, you need to EARN that money somehow. That said, i would not borrow thousands to go to college. Work your way thru even... show more

My coworkers are advising me to make pre-tax contributions as I will be making ~95k/yr so that my yearly gross will appear lesser and be taxed on less now. However, the growth on my investments will be taxed at the time of retirement when I cash them out. My intuition is telling me to make post-tax contributions... show more

How should I invest my money?

5 answers · 3 days ago
Im 25 and I have a little over 40k saved up , I want to invest my money but I have no clue what to invest in. Any recommendations? Thank you (:

I have an account with Ally and will ask them about this on Monday. I would like to open an IRA with them if I can trade stocks in it. That way it's just like normal investing except my gains don't get taxed until I turn 60. Only down side is I can't touch my money until I'm 60. Is all this correct... show more

Do you keep foreign currency?

9 answers · 6 days ago
such as euro or japanese yen for saving?

Best way to invest $10,000?

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I keep 4 months worth of salary set aside for an emergency situation. I have heard people say that one should also invest in a certain percentage of precious metals, if only to be prepared for an absolute worst case scenario. Should I keep some silver, gold, or platinum on hand "just in case"?

How do I start buying stocks?

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Best answer: To start buying or selling stocks, you should open an account with a brokerage house such as Charles Schwab, E-trade or TD Ameritrade. You must have money in your account before you can buy shares online. They will give you a password to access their online trading site. You select the stock you wish to own and... show more