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Best answer: I grew up (in the 50's) on a street where everyone had front porches - but no one used them. Although all the kids in the neighborhood played together - and there were tons of kids - the parents didn't socialize much and if they did they visited with each other inside. While I think front porches look... show more

For example... They want your monthly income to be at least 3x the monthly rent. So... if an apartment is $725/month and three times that is $2,175, and my monthly income is only $2,080, would they still let me get the apartment? It's only a little less than what they're looking for. Sorry if this is... show more

I'm shopping for my first house, and my realtor has twice tried to talk me out of what seems to be a really good house (and turned out to be a very popular, fast-selling house both times). I appreciate honest advice, but she has been very pushy about it and I feel like I'm being manipulated. This may be... show more

So, I had recently moved into an apartment with my s/o and dog. We loved the place and was excited to have it. We were notified of all charges in the beginning (security deposit, dog fee, etc.) And it was listed on one of the final documents we signed. Well there was all these pro rates taken into an account and we... show more

My landlord is in the process of switching letting agencies and handed me a letter informing me that my rent will increase by £140 a month!!. But I moved into the property I’m in now three months ago and signed a lease agreement for 12 months for a set rent price.

They realized new commercial construction was being developed in the fields behind the house.(which has been going on for years now). The closing is in 2 weeks. We have negotiated after inscriptions, etc and agreed to a contract. I’ve been selling furniture and have movers scheduled. Any ideas?

Which option will save you more money? Buying a house and paying the mortgage off, home insurance, HOA fees or renting an apartment?

Me and my boyfriend want to rent a one bedroom apartment that cost 1000/month. According to my tax returns, I make about 40k after taxes, and he makes about 50k. Since we are not married, we do not have a joint tax return. And please don't suggest that we get married. Thanks.

I am buying a townhouse with my elderly father, we will both be on the house as "Joint tenants of survivorship" which means whoever doesnt die first, owns the house completely. I have a choice whether or not I want to be on the mortgage. My question is, if I am put on the mortgage, will that impede my... show more

So I just moved out of a room I was renting in a shared house. I got someone to take over the contract for me, it was a fixed contract I had signed until September this year. My landlord sent me a statement with the move out date which was yesterday, she entitled it a "statement" which was sent via... show more

and discuss these beforehand.

Hey so me and my fiancé want to move but our credit is horrible at the moment. We do have a savings account with $20 grand and I was wondering if it’s a good idea to offer to pay 1 year in advance in order to appeal to a landlord who relies on credit? Our yearly income together is $40,000 and we were looking at... show more

Need advice about first apartment?

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Hello! I am 18 years old and my close friend and I are looking at apartments. She suggested getting a small personal loan to help with the initial start up of moving in, paying the deposit and first month, which we would obviously be paying back every month. She already has money saved, I already have money saved... show more

I am renting a family owned property, and the landlord is the mother of the person who manages the property and I have to send a check for the rent in the mail every month to the mother. I sent a check at the end of May for June rent payment, and a few days ago I noticed that the money for the rent was still in my... show more

im a 24 years old single young male, looking to purchase my first property, but dont know if i can or is it the best time but also want to move out of my house house by next currently i have 14k in raw cash right now. i recently just got hired in my great career right now now making 47k start... show more