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Also, I don t need them for remotes or whatnot. All my stuff taked AAA...

Best answer: Even though the bottle is (at least, should be) sealed, it may have a slight leak that could affect it because of variations in atmospheric pressure. The chemical content of the lava and liquid have been changed several times over the years, so lamps from different eras act differently, but the same lamp should... show more

Well, I m not so sure if it s okay to connect my USB Speaker into my Cellphone adapter, and plug it to the wall socket? USB speaker Input: USB(5V/500mA) Samsung travel Adapter Output: (5.0V = 1.55 A) Thanks in advanced!

I have one but I get off work at midnight so when I get home, my room is cold so I turn it on but it takes forever (nearly an hour to heat my room and I don't want to leave it on for 7-8 hours)...I'm looking for a space heater that has a programmable auto-on timer where I can set it for 7 hours and... show more

okay, i don't have a phone (don't just tell me to buy one, i don't have money right now) however have a tablet. In places with no wifi, i wanted to build a device on an arduino or a custom PCB that basically acts as a phone, dials up a device at home that DOES have internet, and have the two communicate... show more

How does a battery work?

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Why doesn't cellphone have batteries?

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If a watch or hearing aid can work on battery, why can't we have cellphone with batteries? I know some flat batteries. I'm sick of charging this phone everyday.

What are wires? phone cabels?

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Best answer: Dpends on the brand almost everything is made in china you havve too research the credibility of the brand

I've had this problem for a while now. Our house is kinda new, maybe a year old and ever since we've moved in, significant power fluctuations occur if someone uses high powered appliances (Grinder, Welding machine, etc.) I noticed my laptop keeps making the usb disconnect sound every time the grinder... show more

Buzzing noise from speakers?

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Best answer: Promotion, promotion, promotion. The same thing dgoes for other technology. Ammonia-based cooling is virtually silent, yet we still use compression refrgerators. Maytag ONLY had top-loading washers, so most people around the world (yes, even Europe, and not so long ago) had top-loading washers.

Flickr flickr flickr?

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What is your favourite company? Why?

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Buzzing noise from speakers?

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I just recently upgraded record players from the LP-60 to the LP-120 using the same power speakers. Now the play with buzzing. What is going on?