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I really do not understand why people degrade community college. What’s the difference between going to Yale vs going to community college then transferring to a 4 year institute?. I mean let’s be FACTUAL here, you most likely won’t make any more money then someone starting off at a Community college. Not that... show more

Best answer: Back in the 50's and 60"s Airline Pilot was, but today Surgeons are.

Lets say that they graduated with a 2.3 GPA. Would paying for their college be a huge risk?

I’m an incoming freshman and a psychology major. People lied to me that psychology is an ‘easy major’. I searched up all the professors in the psych department on rate my professor and most of them are quite difficult. I just signed up for classes and even my psych 101 class is hard. Right, such an easy major.

Best answer: I'd make two suggestions to increase your chances of getting into a "better" university: 1. Study this summer and retake the ACT in September. See if you can get a 30+. 2. Work really hard and get the best grades of. your life senior year. With a 3.4 cumulative GPA and a 28 ACT, you can get into... show more

What did you major in in college?

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Basically my mom is unemployed due to a disability and my dad makes about $12,000 a year. Because of my income, the school gives me enough grants and loans to cover my entire tuition plus an extra 1000 dollars every semester to spend on books and supplies. And since I don't live in the dorms, I don't have... show more

I'm going to trade school right now, have multiple certificates in carpentry, plumbing, and electrical, soon to be going to a photovoltaics classes. Trade school is amazing, and trade school is extremely cheap! I already have a job that I am certified for and they are ready to hire me for 20 an hour STARTING... show more

Is 15 credits (5 classes) manageable?

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Turns out that I have to take 15 credits each semester to graduate on time. How do people take so many classes without having grades suffer?

I graduated high school in 2016 so I am supposed to graduate in 2020, but instead I'm graduating in 2021. The reason is because I can only take 4 classes (12 credits) per semester because of my part time job. Also, I had to retake a bunch of classes which left me even more behind. My expected graduation date... show more

I am a rising high school senior who plans to go to college. I'm torn between 2 places: 1 is a somewhat far away state school while the other is a university 40 minutes away. The closer one is not quite as good a school, while the other is a little better, but much farther away. My close friend wants me to join... show more

I work about 50 hours a week. I dropped out of college 5 years ago but have decided to go back. Is it impossible to handle more than 2 classes with all the hours I'm working?

Is accounting a good degree?

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I will be 25 when I graduate. I have been through crap just for this degree. Do you think it was worth it? Will I survive off this degree?

I want to know how people's jobs/careers line up with their degree of choice. Feel free to include previous, current, and future job prospects.

So I came out of college with only 5 GCSE, including maths and English but all of these are at a C. I never got any science GCSE or other important ones like geography. The only ones I got were English , business studies, performing arts , health and social care and maths. I honestly didn’t care about my grades as... show more

I went to a regular college and flunked five times, went to a community college flunked three times... went to a trade school and flunked CDL school eight yes EIGHT times. I even got tutored and still couldn't pass. My doctor even said "This just isn't normal". I swear I'm not trolling I have... show more

Best answer: You betcha! Accountants: tax season! Especially corporate quarterlies & annual. Advertising/PR: new campaigns, unhappy client & complete revamp of whatever. Management: in all kinds of emergencies, you can be called out. Journalists: DEAD-lines! Cross the line & you're dead. Lawyers: preparing for court on a... show more

I'm in high school and I have no social life. I just go home and sleep everyday but I want to change when I'm in university/college. How do I get invited to these parties? Do I have to be invited or do I just show up?

I am not quite how to do this. I used to go to Cal State Fullerton but some family problems occurred. I am ordering my official transcripts but how exactly do I go about so the units I already completed at Cal State count towards units at a community college. I'm deciding to go to a community college because... show more

My dad has a house in Texas for the past 14 years and he pays school taxes. Right now he lives in NY and a family is only renting it. The mortagage and all the bills comes to our house in NY of all the bills he has to pay for the house in Texas. He has worked over there but decided to come back and has been here... show more