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I am a recent graduate from Stanford and have racked up the said amount. I am very stressed out about this because I know I'm probably never going to pay this back. Yes I know it's a ridiculous amount of student debt, but I can't give you a good reason why it's so high other than I was stupid with... show more

I'm interested in studying g film studies at a few different places right now I'm just googling. Is it possible to us american aid as a american student to study in London? Or is that a major conflict not possible to do? Will it be denied?

I am a college student and live on my own and i work part time and make only 28,000 a year or even less sometimes .. I tried to apply for medicaid but they said i make too much to be eligible and thus I do not have any insurance . If i apply for private health insurance will i get it cheaper based on my income or... show more

I'm going to a University away from the home my parents live (living with 5 other roommates). My parents don't support me financially. I have no source of income and plan on paying for school via financial aid and Student Loans. I'm currently 19 years old and in the past, (when I was in community... show more

Best answer: How many scholarships have you applied for? There are hundreds. Keep applying to more and more every day until you get all the money you need. Go here to see all scholarships:

College Loan issues.?

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So, I have an outstanding debt of 2100 dollars with my old college, it is not loan debt, I ve been paying it off over a couple years so I can re attend and finish my degree. However, I cannot apply for Financial aid to cover it, or FAFSA because I have to be enrolled. Is there a way to overcome this so I can attend... show more

Long story short, I completed my first year and a half of college nine years ago. After that I decided to take some time off, which ended up being almost nine years. I had taken out two loans for the first go (I believe one was the Stafford). After being out of school, my student loan provider started collecting... show more

My boyfriend and I will be moving to another state with his parents soon and I plan to attend college there. My parents have never lived there, will I be able to get in-state tuition or do my parents have to live there too?

Best answer: We make a lot more than 70,000 Annually. Amd my kids got government student loans and finanacial aid. So you work for a year. How much can you make. You need to go four years. So four years of tuiton, fees, and books. One year off isn’t going to pay for all that. It is unfortunate that most students do need to... show more

Best answer: NCAA rules state that scholarship athletes can't work while their sport is in season. You can work in the summer, but you need to get permission from both the NCAA and from your school before you do so.

Best answer: Yes, . you can become graduate teaching assistant or research assistant, but the source of your wages can be from both the federal government finding the University OR college OR from grants to SPECIFIC faculty members a that are on your thesis committee. or... show more

Is FAFSA still free at age 24?

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I read somewhere that it's limited to age/or cant get financial aid when 24 is that true? What does this mean exactly? "Undergraduate students who are under age 24 as of December 31 of the award year are considered to be dependent for federal student aid purposes unless they are married, have dependents... show more

Best answer: Very few people are successful without working hard, but it depends on what you work hard at. Someone who breaks rocks in the hot sun all day for 50 years definitely could say he worked hard, but if breaking rocks is all he ever does, he's never going to be anything but tired and poor. It's not so much... show more

I ve already graduated and I need to apply for a scholarship, but it says that I need at least a 1.8 GPA. I know I m much higher than that, but my school doesn t do GPA s. I have no idea how to calculate it and I can t request information or help when it comes to my grades because school is out for the summer and I... show more

Best answer: The interest rate for the 2018/19 year on federal unsubsidized Direct Stafford loans is 5.05% for undergraduate students and 6.6% for graduate students. The rate is set each year by Congress, so loans taken in the past, or in future years may have a different rate. The interest rate is fixed for the life of the... show more