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Mental Masturbation “The act of engaging in useless yet intellectually stimulating conversation

Q. How does the south proliferate racism? A. Confederate flags, confederate symbols, confederate paraphernalia, confederate monuments and statues, pro confederate literature.. And the fact the official end of Jim Crow, that which is satisfied by legal standards, has only been 54 years ago. And conversations at... show more

Best answer: Well, you're not alone, and some people apparently can't spell even with spellcheck. The ability to spell seems to be something some people are born with and some are not, but the best way to get better at spelling is to read the words often. If you see a word correctly spelled enough times, it tends to... show more

Best answer: It would follow that the lower the total in those needing care/attention. The more care/attention the individual would get. Not always true however, sometimes the one needing the most care is the one who gets the least. They can't/won't advocate for themselves in some cases. While in other families the... show more

I've tried counseling, punishment, reasoning, and even bribery; nothing works. The next step is medicine but does that even help autistic brains?

Disruptive and has been mainstreamed all along? He is in 7th grade now. Why not try letting the parents pay for tutoring or accommodations like extra time first?