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to the hate being spewed by the black Israelites?

How can I get a teacher Fired?

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Best answer: Remember you are graded on your scores, not your effort. A lot of people try hard yet aren't good at things, but it doesn't mean they should be given a higher grade than someone who genuinely is even if they didn't have to work as hard. This isn't communism. Now - catch your teacher having an... show more

I'm a sophomore in high school, and in my physics class, which is mostly Asian, there is this white kid who literally argued with the teacher for ten minutes. Why are white kids disrespectful to teachers?

I graduated high school 4 years ago and whilst I was there I had 2 great teachers that I never had a chance to thank properly. I was thinking of sending a quick email to say thanks but I'm worried that it'll come across as weird, especially as it's been quite a long time. I also don't have their... show more

I don't want to do this but I don't want to flunk. I am scared to do this. Aren't they in prison because they are bad?

Should bad teachers be fired?

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my high school math teacher didn't know how to solve a quadratic function. can someone explain to me why that human slime wasn't fired.

Best answer: Not weird. But unusual enough that it will brighten her day. Make the effort: you will remind her of why she became a teacher in the first place.

Best answer: They have to deal with dumb students. Sadly, the amount of dumb students seems to be increasing faster than the 'worthwhile' students.

Gym teacher hates me?

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So basically I have this class called strength and weights and I was on my phone texting my mom and the teacher calls me out in front of everyone saying I’m “not slick” but that embarrassed me because I have social anxiety and I felt like it was out of his place to do that but it’s just one little thing but I feel... show more

Best answer: On one hand, what someone said is correct - the photo is hers, she took it in a public place. However, under data protection laws in the UK (which may vary depending on country you are in) you can't *publish* a photo/video of someone if they are recognisable in it (your face is part of your personal data as... show more

Do teachers have to retire at 65?

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A very random question but me and my friend are curious. Say for example you started working as a teacher at a high school or college. Do you have to retire at the retirement ages of 60/65 or what have you or can you literally work till you want? Thanks in advance

I saw My cousin today and she got upset when I asked her when she was going back to college. She explained she wasn't there anymore and she had been forced out by ONE person. A support teacher. I asked what she meant and she said, everything was going great until around two weeks in of starting (she started in... show more

I work in NJ and have been issued my TSOD (CE). Can I teach special education with just this or does this only allow me to start to teach special education and while teaching, Ill have to take continuing educational courses in special ed?