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Do you go to church?

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Best answer: I don’t think it’s particularly a Texas thing.

People with high-functioning autism especially, since they can talk and function like everyone else.

I was absent in the previous meeting (first meeting, to be exact) due to a sickness that forced me to cut class for that day. People are telling me we had homework and told me I should work on it. I didn t do it because I was afraid that regardless of my efforts, it would be rejected because I was absent last... show more

My old theology teacher was the only person who could help me about my questions about God and death. She was my teacher freshman year but then I transferred to another school. I am currently a senior. I want to know if it’s illegal to meet with her. I just want to have the conversations we used to have. Is it... show more

I have tried for the last 4 weeks to explain to my music teacher I cannot afford lessons anymore. He is very selfish and everything has to go his way. I originally wanted 30 minuets, he wanted an hour. I wanted lessons every 2 weeks, he wanted it weekly. I cannot afford to use any more of my savings and I need to... show more

Do you believe animals feel pain?

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Why would a teacher do this?

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My friend at school had a meeting with her, her mum and the teacher and she told me she sat down in the seat behind her mum and when the teacher walked in made her swap seats so she was right next to the teacher and told her to look at the him throughout? can someone explain why

Best answer: Here's a rough outline: - I feel like I haven't been doing as well as I would like in this class - I have been working hard, and want to continue to do so to earn a good grade - Is there anything that I could do to improve my grade? - I would be happy to write an extra paper, do some additional work,... show more

she laughed at me, im surprised that she didn't send me to detention. This was after school, friends and I have made a BOLO system, its B- Be, O- on , L- look, O- out be on the look out for trump supporters. photo them, send them to other bolo members.

Best answer: Bad idea from the start. Only show good work, not how to do it wrong.

Best answer: Because drug companies don’t want a cure. The governor is the goose that lays the golden egg. As long as drug companies and researchers say they’re working towards a cure, the government will continue to give money. If there’s a cure, no reason for government to continue to give money.

Why are my maths grades low?

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My maths teacher isn't very good and I try to understand what we learn in class but I normally have to teach myself the topics when I revise for the test. When I think I have revised well for the test and the test comes, all the questions are impossible. What am I doing wrong

I failed the geology class for the second time and I have been in a deep funk about it since then. I don't want the man to get fired, but to either be replaced by another teacher at the campus or that he can work on his teaching and people skills for students to be successful in his class. He's been getting... show more

Best answer: You need the real passion to be a teacher, as the workload can be heavy, children can be unruly, and with long working hours and the pay is not too great. The pro is that you touch eternity by influencing the lives of the next generation. it is rewarding to see students mature and do well in exams and learning... show more

Best answer: No, and no.