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Best answer: Yes, Disneyland in California. My favorite ride was "it's a small world after all". I was quite younger and it is a very good memory.

Best answer: I love disney but I've never been to Disneyland or any of its theme parks. Reason? Number one, I don't have enough money and disney is expensive and number two, I live far from disney world and Disneyland parks. Therefore, I wouldn't really mind if they closed but I can tell that many many people would... show more

Best answer: The amusement park industry says its rides are safe, estimating the chances of being injured at one in 24 million, and the chance of being killed at one in 750 million, according to the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions.

How would you guys feel is Disneyland closed down all of its parks?

My wife and I are going to BGW Thursday and I’m a little worried about being able to fit in the seats. I’ve never had problems fitting into a ride until last year when we weren’t to Dollywood. I only had problems with one of them but was still able to ride it. I weight roughly the same as I did last year so I’m... show more

Do you want to go to six flags?

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Best answer: behaviour

Best answer: Because Trump knows his conservative supporters are completely ignorant of anything relating to 9/11 and the Middle East. And, he knows they'll fall for any of the BS that he, FOX News, and conservative media put up for their consumption.

We should let the people who don’t follow our laws make them?

Best answer: An amusement park is somewhere where there are loads of rides and things to do but not connected to each other. A theme park is the same but all attractions are connected to one particular theme. Somewhere like Busch Gardens or Discovery Cove in Florida are amusement parks. Where as Walt Disney World or... show more

Best answer: Well if you go on a roller coaster because it's scary, getting stuck on it would be more scary! Maybe on of those modern coasters with loops and spirals! They could fix it so you get stuck upside down! Then, on a bull horn, they let you know they called the manufacturer and they can get a technician out... show more

Mine was Universal even though the Harry Potter Forbidden Journey ride made me sick.