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I won't name the place but I was recently barred from numerous rides during a day out at a theme park due to my size. I'm wondering what my best course of action is, for one it wasn't justified as I'm only 265lbs, 5ft 8.5 man.

Best answer: Any executive applying for a top level corporate position would be expected to submit a history of his private business dealings and finances as a normal part of his resume, before being considered for a job. How is the position of POTUS less important?

I want to go on the roller coasters but my friends don't like the roller coaster. I talk to my sister about it and she said maybe you can go to a different group that does like the roller coasters. i dont know anyone else who going but my friends i want to go with my friends but i want to go on the roller... show more

Best answer: I see ads for Great Adventure every year. Mostly during the spring, then again in the summer... ads for the Fright Fest in the fall. Maybe you don't watch as much TV as you used to watch.

How do i get money fast?

6 answers · 3 weeks ago
i am a really big mickey mouse fan and i really really badly want to go to disneyland and meet him. i talked to my parents and they are both saying it is too expensive and that it isnt going to happen. i am so mad about that and i am not going to take it. mickey is so awesome and i want to meet him. i am so mad i... show more

Are you scared of roller coasters?

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Best answer: why would i be scared? it's just like being in a convertible. it doesn't even go as fast as i do in my car...

Outdoor showers at waterpark?

6 answers · 4 weeks ago
I was at a water park over the summer. They have outdoor showers on the men's restroom side and the ladies. There are signs stating only men or women in their sides. And no one can see in the shower area unless you walk past a wall. Is it alright to shower naked since it's separate sexes and not visible to... show more

This is what I was wondering after reading an article about this on the newspaper.

Personally I say disney world

grow up, pathetic.

Are malls crowded on Thursday night?

5 answers · 2 months ago
I'm meeting a friend tomorrow night after work at about 5pm. I haven't been to the mall in years. I also don't like crowds. will the mall be crowded?

Can you take the bus to six flags?

6 answers · 2 months ago
Best answer: Probably, depending on how far away you live from a six flags amusement park. I'd also study the bus routes.

Best answer: The current favoured option is the 100 foot tall one made of rainbow-unicorn poop, shaped into bricks, cemented into place with rocking-horse spit and reinforced with unobtainium bars! That should keep those ISIS caravan kids out!

Is Disneyland crowded in February?

8 answers · 3 months ago
Is it?

My brother had gotten me etickets from his job but in order to use It I need an ID but im still underage and haven’t gotten one can I just use a passport instead?

Is it? I like to take trips to get away from all that kind of noise. so would Disneyland be the wrong place for it?