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Is the lotto a tax on the poor?

6 answers · 4 days ago
Seems like the lotto is just there to get money to the government from the poor, opinions?

Can a casino ban a sports bettor?

8 answers · 2 weeks ago
Sports betting is one of the only forms of gambling where luck is not involved, and it is IMPOSSIBLE to cheat (unless you are the player or coach for the team you're betting on). If you bet huge sums of money and win all the time, can a casino legally ban you? If they're suspicious, how in the world could... show more

Best answer: A percentage of all money spent buying lottery tickets is put into the pot, usually around 50%

Best answer: AT least 100. No more than 500 in one day though.

Best answer: When dealer can see only half of the two cards in player's side, and player can see only half of two cards on dealer's side, neither one can see how close the other is to 21 total. If player sees only dealer's top card (for example, an ace), dealer could have anything from 2 to 21 total count. Player... show more

How to get lucky to win the lotto?

28 answers · 3 weeks ago

I’ve been getting close (3 numbers, 2 + the mega) etc etc. I really believe I’ll win soon if I keep playing. Do you play?