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Found about $200 on a Casino Floor?

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The other day I was at a Minnesota Casino. I walked around the corner by some poker machines and there was between $150 and $200 in 20s and 10s laying on the floor. I scooped it up and turned it in to the nearest employee. A couple friends of mine told me I was dumb and I should have kept it. Isn't that theft?

Best answer: Set the odds in your favor. The software should adjust the odds so that it always takes in more than it pays out.

as the probability of losing $2. Use all these values to determine the expected value of your winnings from playing powerball when you buy a single ticket. Does the powerball appear to be a good gamble?

How do you win the uk lotto?

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Best answer: It used to be, with comps, somewhat profitable. But of course, the casinos couldn't let that happen. The "9/6" machines had the better payout, and they are all but extinct. You might be able to get positive value from the local Vegas casinos such as the Stations, but I think they are all... show more

Texas hold em betting question.?

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I'm new to Texas hold em and my question is how long can a round of betting go on? For example say 3 people are playing a game at home, small blind and big blind put there chips in and the 3rd wants to raise. Can small blind raise as well? then could big blind raise and then the 3rd person raise again? I mean... show more

I m 19 years old, I ve been gambling ever since I turned 18. It started low, then I won big alot of money and I thought to myself (this is so easy money, i dont even need a job). Eventually after winning ofcourse I started losing. I thought to myself, "a little bit of bad luck" and tried again and again... show more

Best answer: Gambling should never be played as a Sprint... Putting down a large, four figure bet, in HOPE's of winning big, is foolish and irresponsible. If a day at the Casino is managed properly, you could spend the entire day having fun, while also leaving with a profit... if you go in with the mentality of "All or... show more

Why isn't there casinos in Georgia?

7 answers · 4 weeks ago
Why aren't there any casinos in Georgia? Does this have anything to do with religion?

Any “unbeatable” bets?

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Best answer: Yes

Best answer: Ya I'm down