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Should I set up my own sting operation or call the cops on these wretched miscreants?

I’m 27 and my girlfriends 20 and we’re staying in a hotel right next to a casino and wanted to check it out.

Doe yahoo do betting?

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Best answer: I know the casino I go to most frequently keeps track of the amount I win and lose. I can and do get a record of my net profit or loss by requesting it. Yes I do have to use a player's card. I do not know how many other casinos do this. Obviously they keep track of you, and your level of play, if the amount... show more

Poker nites 3 times a week?

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For most people the idea of winning the lottery jackpot is the best thing in the world. I used to think like that but now for some reason it makes me feel like it wouldn't really belong to me. If I won the jackpot I would go anonymous so I could keep my life. Even if I disguised it and let's say I became... show more

What’s it mean to “Muck” your cards in your hand in Poker game?

Details please! What methods did you use, and how much did you win?

The first step is to get selected to contend on any quiz show I can get myself onto in which I am not competing against any other contestents, and where I have ample time to think about the question. Who Wants to be a Millionaire is a good option. One top prize winner spent 30 minutes thinking about the million... show more

I won $100 once but one time this guy won $75,000 from a machine and game I was playing that same day so you never know.

Should u split your winnings with somebodybif they paid for u to gamble