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The fastest checkmate possible in chess happens on the fourth move, i.e when both players have moved twice. Yet the cretins on here come out with one of their stupid "questions" (usually more of a statement) followed by "checkmate" (and the optional "lol"). It's usually the... show more

Best answer: There is still quite a battle ahead. This position is far from decided. Several elements come into play. -Black is ahead in material. A pawns for a piece. -While it is true the central king is a weakness, White doesn't seem to have an immediate tactical attack and is actually lagging in development. Sacrifice... show more

Is chess a measure of intelligence?

8 answers · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: A good question and the answer is probably not. It's about observation. When I play against my computer I can beat it on a good day, but if my mind is distracted by bills, family matters and work it thrashes me...mainly because I never paid enough attention as to what the computer was up to. The computer has... show more

Chess set

Best answer: Knight and Rook usually does the best check mate for me.

Can chess be played like this?

4 answers · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: Of course it can, and has been played like that for centuries. You sacrificed your queen and won the game by doing so. Checkmate is the goal after all, and a bishop and 2 rooks are completely capable of finishing up without the queen.

he would have won if the time wasn't finish would u consider him worse than the other opponent or does the time count even though he won all the pieces * I know that he actually lost the chess game but do You actually consider him a better player or worse player than the one who just won in time but had a bad... show more

Best answer: No, I wouldn't know how. But happens to couple of times.

Is chess a sport?

35 answers · 4 weeks ago

We play at the local senior club. The last time I was lucky enough to get a diagonal and cried BINGO. The woman across from me looked at my card and said I didn't have BINGO. I showed her the diagonal. She said diagonal doesn't count - only vertical and horizontal lines. I always thought a diagonal line... show more

I ve been looking to try new games to play! We play things like monopoly, exploding kittens, settlers of catan, werewolf etc. Please don t feel limited to just board/card games! Any games, but no video games!

Best answer: Yes, if that's what you want to do the game systems can cope.

Where is the best to hide it where nobody will find it? Thanks.