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Best answer: Yes, but he cheats.

Unlike gift cards to other shops why don’t they make sex shop gift cards?

Best answer: Nope. A turn has three parts, 1 - Draw a card, 2 - Put pokemon on the bench, evolve, attach energy, play trainer cards, retreat, use abilities (these can be done in any order) 3 - Attack Attacking is the final action of the turn, and after the attack has been conducted, the turn ends. You cannot perform any Step 2... show more

Brexit deal or no deal?

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Best answer: It looks like it'll be the 1p club for the UK. :-(

Best answer: There are many versions of the game - different ways to play it, additional cards used in some of them, so you need to learn the specific rules for the specific game. For example, Texas Hold 'Em is very different from five-card draw. But the hands are all the same and it's pretty basic. Cards are ranked... show more

Best answer: You should have been able to attack with it, no part of Enemy Controller itself or the core game rules would prevent it. If it did not let you attack with it, then that is a bug.

Best answer: Poker Hell, playing cards are often referred to as "poker cards" in many countries, even when you're not using them to play poker.

Best answer: I would say poker because there are many home poker games but few home blackjack games.

What is greatest in life?

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Best answer: Man, people don't know their classics! What is greatest in life? To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of their women.

What can be done to fix yugioh?

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I was holding 2 spades and 3 hit the board. I lost to a straight.