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Doesn't matter anymore since I am no longer in the hand if people see my cards because I can no longer play the hand, besides it would only hurt me if people saw my hand anyways, wouldn't give me any tactical advantage

7 of spades, 9 of clubs and 5 of diamonds

Texas hold 'em?

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Best answer: Your final "hand" is considered the best that 5 of the total cards can come up with. So if 3 players each have just Ace high, the next 4 cards are considered. If someone has a King while the others don't, they win it alone. If they all have K, Q, J, 9 from the community and 2-8 in their hold cards,... show more

should eye tell her to CALL THE CONSULATE?

I was convicted for raping a 13 year-old girl and theft. I am now a changed man though I only spent a few years behind bars, all of it is spent on seclusion.

Can you do a magic trick?

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Three additional people do the same. Find the probability that of the 4 cards drawn, at least 1 is a face card. (Round your answer to one decimal place.)

Is there a company or something that I can send images to, and they make it into a card game? This would be my own game, and not to sell just for myself. Also, would it be ridiculously expensive? I don't have a printer, and I feel like using paper would suck anyway. If not then I guess I have to buy a printer... show more

Me & my ex girlfriend broke up about a month ago. We broke up because she wasn’t happy in the relationship anymore after being together for 3 years. I took her for granted & didn’t realize what I had until she left. She felt like she couldn’t trust me & that I was going behind her back. When she broke... show more

Best answer: Benches outside, out of bound areas, out of bound corridors. They generally hang around where you aren't allowed to be at.

Best answer: The police are a responsive unit, not a preventative unit. you do under stand the difference. Right?