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Can you do a magic trick?

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Three additional people do the same. Find the probability that of the 4 cards drawn, at least 1 is a face card. (Round your answer to one decimal place.)

Is there a company or something that I can send images to, and they make it into a card game? This would be my own game, and not to sell just for myself. Also, would it be ridiculously expensive? I don't have a printer, and I feel like using paper would suck anyway. If not then I guess I have to buy a printer... show more

Me & my ex girlfriend broke up about a month ago. We broke up because she wasn’t happy in the relationship anymore after being together for 3 years. I took her for granted & didn’t realize what I had until she left. She felt like she couldn’t trust me & that I was going behind her back. When she broke... show more

Best answer: Benches outside, out of bound areas, out of bound corridors. They generally hang around where you aren't allowed to be at.

Best answer: The police are a responsive unit, not a preventative unit. you do under stand the difference. Right?

I had a prepaid card to use up and me being the idiot that I am bought am iTunes card online that is only redeemable in the us and I live in Canada so someone might as well have it. Of course only the first person will be able to use if but if it works then answer below and tell me:) The code is: XP4JD7FJTC9HD5NC

Best answer: It’s a Muslim elf who was disabled in an accident at a Qassam rocket manufacturing facility. No longer able to make Qassam rockets Santa brought him to the North Pole to make toys. The elf was grateful but soon became depressed and anxious and started feeling gender dysphoria. Mainly bc the accident blew his nuts off

How can i get a magic power?

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Best answer: Do not expect much. All CCG cards are worth only what others will pay for them, not some mythical price printed in a catalog probably underwritten by the card printing company. My advice to you is first check ebay to see what your cards are worth. If you have any card with a supposed ebay value of over 100... show more

Best answer: Try not to die