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I hate my dentist?

8 answers · 2 hours ago
He’s ******* stupid. I don’t like his work and I don’t trust him. Every time I go to the dentist, I’ll come back home with more issues. I swear he tries to kill me and still my money. I hate him and his personality. He flirts to much with me, I feel uncomfortable and I hate it. When ever I’m there, he talks about... show more

Best answer: you still need to brush them

My uncle told him and he got all mad at him. And when anyone tries to tell him he gets mad. But it's not just bad breath it smells like something is wrong. Like tooth decay or something. It's really bad. What do I do?

I had some sniffles today and decided to eat some garlic. Will my breath stink tomorrow?

Best answer: A Crest Spin Brush can be purchased for about $8 at Target. It's simply a toothbrush with a rotating head. An ultrasonic toothbrush uses ultrasonic waves to clean your teeth and can cost over $200. I'm in college and on the starving-student program so I have a spin brush. It works.

Best answer: I always brush my teeth after eating my breakfast and again before I go to bed.

I ate a lot of pineapple, and it s got enzymes that tear apart mouth meat or something. My tongue stings, and I asked my homie Marco what to do and he said "its a chemical burn slumdog, you just gotta let it rest". He s my good friend, but I do not believe him. There must be something I can do

How to get rid of swollen gums?

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The gums around one tooth it swollen like a big bubble but it’s only around one tooth. How can I get the swelling to go down? Ive had it for a couple months it won’t go away. I made a dentist appointment but I want other alternatives Incase they ask for a lot of money to fix it

Best answer: order doesn't matter, as long as the food particles and plaque are removed. My preference is for brushing, flossing, and then mouthwash because I feel that brushing first makes it easier to floss

I am a 26 year old girl turning 27 in 2 months, and my wisdom ttth have never come in. My twin sisters came when she was a teen and she got them pulled at 16 or 17, ever since seeing what she went through and how costly it is (after I became an adult) I have been terrified of having to get them pulled, but now I am... show more

Hey. I have a very very tiny hole in the front of my back tooth. It’s like the size of a pin. There’s very slight dull pain and the dentist said “it’s erosion, and I can see the Dentin is exposed but there’s no active decay”. He offered to seal it with composite resin when he’s removing my wisdom tooth as my... show more

For about a week now, my top gums hurt whenever I brush the fronts of my top teeth. Does anyone know why or what I can do to get it to stop? Dentist is expensive. :(

What I mean by 'regular classes' is basically the unnecessary classes that aren't really required for dental hygiene but college makes it that you are required for it no matter what your major is. You know, the regular math, English, psychology, SLS, etc... Does a dental assistant kind of... show more

Best answer: Not OK. But --- your life, your health, and your jaw! Peace.

Best answer: Maybe you're not cooking it thoroughly.

I’m mostly concerned with meat.