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Best answer: Many people have some concerns and fears going to the dentist. Before I go, I watch the movie Marathon Man, and that relaxes me. Have a nice dental appointment, I hope all goes easy, safe and well.

I’m getting 2 wisdom teeth out in 2 days and I don’t only want to drink water and broth. What else is okay to drink aside from those things?

Best answer: I have no tooths

Around late June 2018 I got 4 fillings. I was chewing gum just a second ago and I heard "CRUNCH" really loud and hard and I opened my mouth and this little piece of white filling chipped off. Now it feels like a small hole. What should I do? It didn't hurt at first but, now it's starting to hurt... show more

Last year I used Crest teeth whitening strips for a week (which I have been doing since I was in high school) then I wanted them extra white so I used Atlanta Express Whitening Kit. Along with drinking a green superfood smoothie. A few days later my teeth had a green tint to them and I thought it would go away but... show more

Best answer: Ten years ago, I had 5 dental implants screwed into my upper and lower jaw. The dental surgeon said the anesthesia given to you is done in timed injections into the arm. I remember being in a dark haze, waking up then returning to sleep. My implants took 2 hours, so the timely injections were spaced so I was fully... show more

My dentist is a female doctor and she asked me my age and I responded 24.She said oh you look like your 18.I thought we needed parent consent for you to get crowns on your teeth.I felt a little disrespected.Would you take that offensively & still let her do the crowns on your teeth?

I’m 15 and i feel like my wisdom teeth is coming out, i’m not sure but the area in the back (wisdom teeth area, but i still haven’t got my wisdom teeth) is so swollen and there’s a flap of gum ripped above, there’s no sign of teeth but it’s a bit ripped and i’m scared i’m only 15, how can my wisdom teeth come out... show more

Do you ever get sore teeth?

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Best answer: yes, I have a cyclical problem of aching in most of my teeth

I am 17 years old and one of my wisdom teeth (located on the gum of the lower jaw) are starting to erupt. I don't feel any pain at all, but I did notice that the erupting tooth is angled slightly. Should it be removed?

How to relieve dental anxiety?

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Gum/tooth still hurting?

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Best answer: I had mine cleaned 2 weeks ago and all areas were sensitive for over a week. Teeth object to having their coats removed. UK.

people say i shouldnt and that i should take the day off because of the pain. does anyone who has/had braces have answers?

Best answer: If it is very superficial it may be polished off. If not it will be cleaned and filled with a matching composite material.

Best answer: gum deasease blood,