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Went in for an exam with a new dentist and long story short, I have very very bad teeth needing several root canals, extractions, caps, you name it. I initially went in because I have a huge cavity on my wisdom tooth that's been causing severe pain to the face, ear, throat, etc. I told them all upfront how much... show more

I'll start off my saying I'm 17 years old so in just one year I will legally be an adult. For most people my age, getting your wisdom teeth out is the event we dread. I've been dreading it since I was nine and my mom had hers out. For years I waited for the day that I'd be told I needed them out but... show more

Did you ever have a tooth cavity?

20 answers · 3 weeks ago
Best answer: What? I have a whole mouth full of silver fillings.

Help, please! I went to the dentist 4 weeks ago, and I was terrified of it. I went there and the dental assistant told me that the tools are obtained from an autoclave bag. He told me that there was supposed to be some blue indicator, but later when I saw the bag, I did not see the blue indicator. I have been... show more

My new dentist?

4 answers · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: I recently had 2 fillings and 2 teeth removed and took less than 30 minutes and it was deep fillings, find another dentist.

Why do I smell so bad?

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I have to shower twice a day (once in the morning and once at night) so that I don't smell. I am a girl, by the way. My boyfriend showers once every three days and has never smelled. He has gone 2 days without brushing his teeth and nobody noticed. Me? I have to brush my teeth 3 times a day with mouth wash and... show more

Best answer: Not the salt. In fact, swishing around saltwater in your mouth kills bacteria, including the bacteria that eat away an enamel and create plaque. HOWEVER, not brushing your teeth after eating crisps is a very bad idea because the salt will wash away in your saliva almost immediately but long afterwards remains... show more

I brush my teeth like once a month for years but... The dentist said my teeth were healthy. haven't had any tooth decay in years. My teeth look white. My teeth are very straight. My breath smells nice. No pain or anything in my teeth. No gum disease. So why brush them and also why have I had no probelms? I... show more

Well I got my braces 2 months ago and I startedbasic flossing which is really hard to do with braces on but then I stopped because my orthodontist told me not to floss, he just told me to brush very well and use a mouth wash and use an interdental brush....WHAT DO YOU THINK??

Best answer: Zero. ALL INSTRUMENTS ARe Either disposable or sterilized, HIV Is not rampant everywhere anyway. And medical people are not spreading HIV maliciously. You are extremely paranoid and essentially over reacting to something that won’t happen.


4 answers · 3 weeks ago
I got a root canal like 9hrs ago and they put cotten in my tooth. Should i take ot out? My next visit is in a week and im afraid it will get infected. Also the dentist is closws tomorrow so i cant do anything. Please help im scared im gonna mess up my tooth bc of this

yesterday i broke the bracket on my bottom wisdom tooth, so went to get it repaired this morning, however it has since come off again. because it’s the bracket right on the end of the wire, it came completely off. my next appointment is on september 12th but i don’t want to have to keep going to the orthodontist as... show more


Best answer: only the silver ones - or amalgams may have some mercury. but i would say 99% of all modern dentists now use the white fillings instead, which don't have mercury. you can always call local dentists and see how much their cavity fillings cost, and what procedures they use. if you have dental insurance, you... show more

So i got my wisdom teeth pulled about 2 months ago and not on the top right where 1 of the teeth were if feels really solid as if there is a bone or a tooth there i just would like to know is this normal or should i contact my dentist and let them know about this problem? and i still feel pain on my jaw is this... show more