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Best answer: I think Justin bieber is favorite of your boy friend

Don’t you just hate skinny jeans?

31 answers · 2 days ago
On guys & girls. It looks like crap, “fitted” yea right. That ****’s squeezing your legs man. Skinny jeans just don’t look right, and they really don’t make anyone look thinner. I hate skinny jeans so much lol They’re just bad.. BAD.

Do cowboys wear socks ?

4 answers · 4 hours ago

I wear boxers in the winter, but when it's hot and I'm wearing shorts, I like the briefs so I can feel the breeze go all the way up my thigh

Best answer: scarves, sweaters, sweater dresses with leggings, cute coats that accentuate your waist, coats with faux fur trim. turtle necks, boots

Best answer: Leave in her mail box, in an envelope

its the only leather jacket i have and it looks decent on me, but i dont want to have that emanating malaise of rich douchebag, you know? How many people are going to notice im wearing a $400 leather jacket? honestly, i wasnt the one who bought it. it was from my father and i neglected it for about 3 years. i... show more

Best answer: They like their body, and want to show it.

Funeral attire?

11 answers · 3 days ago
I want to know if it would be disrespectful to wear my black glittery shoes to my mother s funeral? It s the only black shoes I have. They are Christian louboutins with black crystals I only have that or knee length black boots? Thanks

So I have very large natural breast. 40J to precise. I'm also 270ish lbs. I'm struggling to find a swim suit in my size. I find suits that fit my weight but all of them have cups for average breasted woman. Does anyone know who sells one piece suits in my size? Please no rude comments or pervs.

Is this a cute outfit? 😍?

8 answers · 2 days ago
Would it suit someone with reddish brown hair, pale skin and blue green eyes? X