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If so, what did you wear (or not wear)?

If sit is while sleeping would I have some sign that I'm being chocked or that I'm not getting enough oxygen??

For women??

Best answer: Hell no, I think more guys should wear jewelry it looks nice on yall

Are they trying to be the lord mayor or something?

Windbreaker turned blue?

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my daughter did the laundy and accidentally put her new black jeans in with her white windbreaker and it turned a greyish blue. is there a way to make it white again?

Hey there. I purchased a pair of shorts from urban outfitters in 2015 and I want to return them. I do have the receipt, but no tag. The shorts have not been worn, but if they have it was only once How likely is it that my return will be accepted

Best answer: Because you rolled over in your sleep... but your necklace did not.

Rainbow sandals etc?

Best answer: Whichever colour suits your skin tone better. Blue sapphire sounds lovely.

Best answer: Depends on how you’re feeling. Do you feel like buying jeans or do you feel like getting gray pants?