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Best answer: Ralph Breaks the Internet has an MPAA rating of PG. That means it is intended for children much younger than your son. There probably isn't anything inappropriate for a 10 year old in the film. It is a film that has been out for 3 months - there are numerous descriptions of the film online, some exhaustive. ... show more

https://apps.npr.org/documents/document.... This is for science.

What’s a good job to get cash tips? With little to no experience.?

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How long should electronics stay in lost n found?

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Someone left an ipad at my restaurant. Its been about a week and no word yet. Ive even posted it on facebook. In a whats happening in my town type group with over 15k members. How long do yall think I should wait before resetting it and donating it to my local school?

How can I find the nearest UPS drop box?

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Nearest 24hr pawn shop?

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Who is the most trustworthy builder in pune?

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Was 2002 the first even year of the ‘00s?

6 answers · Nakhon Si Ayutthaya · 3 weeks ago
Best answer: No, 2000 is.

Has anyone got any First names i could use for a character?

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Best answer: Male: Gerald Duncan Brad Joel David Gerard Francis Timothy Charles Aaron Joshua James John Joseph Peter Simon Nathaniel Seth Noah Adam Donald Robert Richard Daniel Tony George Kenneth Scott Antonio Samuel Nick Edward Caleb Owen Bruce Chip Joseph Andrew Phillip Elliott Brian Quincy Patrick Stewart Carlton Anthony Bra... show more

Was January 1, 2000 the end of the millennium?

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Best answer: No, 12/31/99 was the end of the millennium. 1/1/00 was the beginning of the new millennium.

Was June 2000 a month of the ‘90s or ‘00s?

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Best answer: Pretty obvious it was the 00s. (Last two numbers of the year)

Best answer: You were born in a new decade So 2001

I am shutting down my car radio business and i need to get rid of all my car factory radios. Is there any places i can recycle them for free. The radios are mostly made out of metal and plastic.