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Does humanity need to purge half its population?

48 answers · Current Events · 1 day ago

Thoughts on UK porn ban?

29 answers · Current Events · 22 hours ago

Was the bombing in Sri Lanka an act of war?

14 answers · Current Events · 13 hours ago
Best answer: The perpetrators will perish in hell eternal for hitting a Catholic church and more importantly for killing children totally pure innocent children

They are doing this simply because the Iranians nationalized their oil and they want it to be owned by Multi-national corporations.

Why do we have a Stephen Lawrence day today?

17 answers · Current Events · 1 day ago
Best answer: This Steven Lawrence thing has gone WAAAAAYYY over the top. It's a sad story but no sadder than any other cold blooded killing.

What's your favorite gun?

11 answers · Current Events · 4 hours ago
Best answer: The AKM.

Best answer: Oh, religious people. They are just so funny and adorable. Bless them (or rather not, because this is a fantsay aspect, ha ha ha).

How many times have you been called insane or mentally unhinged?

10 answers · Current Events · 10 hours ago
Best answer: The more research you do the more the ignorant will call you insane. You seem to be the victim of that all the time around here.

What is your opinion on America and Americans?

9 answers · Polls & Surveys · 2 hours ago

Best answer: The government keep trying to block free (non porn) film sites, there's this thing called a proxy. They won't be able to enforce that ID for porn thing either because someone will pretend to be in another country. They should give up until they can get UN laws on it.

Would you rather be born in 1920 or 2020?

16 answers · Current Events · 2 days ago

Don't they realise that when we Brexit we will need American trade deals and upsetting Trump is cutting of our nose to spite our face?

Does Camasan Judes Emanuvel sound like an English name?

13 answers · Current Events · 3 days ago

I never paid attention to this case, but have recently, and could not believe the twist that this story took when she accused her father of sexually abusing her , including her giving him oral sex at it true? why think so or not?

Best answer: It's entirely predictable. The outrage bus isn't half as full about it. When Christchurch happened, Sadiq Khan offered extra police protection to mosques in London, despite the attack happening 12,000 miles away. His reaction to Sri Lanka is only that he offers his "thoughts and prayers". No... show more