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I have a check from Canada, where do I go to cash it?

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Best answer: I did a bit of searching but found no such photo ...... you might scroll through those in this link -... show more

We want to take away the automatic ones we don't need mass murders every day. Stop lying just because it's one gun doesn't mean all guns. Creating problems out of thin air.

Best answer: Most immigrants feel tied to the country of their origin and I'm sure the French Canadians aren't vestiges of British Empire. As for a head of state, I'd rather an Australian as head of state but it really doen't matter either way seeing neither have any real powers.

Best answer: To them, peace is anti semi. That's what they're saying. They expect us to ignore all of those war crimes against the Pals. The very same guys that have never wrong them since day one.

Best answer: I have never had anyone > demand < that. I have switched seats numerous times on polite request.

Can I fly with my birth certificate only?

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Best answer: It is against the culture of Britain to even discuss such matters in relation to royalty. But of course, they are only human.

Can I do early check in for an international flight?

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What is wrong with the plane?

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Can anybody give me any travel tips?

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I’m 16, and I’m a first time flyer. Can I bring full size bottles on my carry on or checked? And which one can I only bring stuff up to 3.4 oz? Can I carry a neck pillow on my neck entering the plane? Or is that counted as a personable item? Can I bring a blanket on the plane, like the same as a neck pillow with me... show more

At an Airport, where do you go to meet your UBER driver?

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Best answer: It depends on the airport bit most have an area for "ride shares". Just ask an information person or pick up the courtesy telephone and ask