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Is kim Kardashian the joke of america?

21 answers · Eifel · 11 hours ago
her and her rear end lol

Jobs say I don't have enough experience?

14 answers · New York City · 19 hours ago
So I'm graduating college in May with a bachelor's in Communication, media, and digital production with a concentration in film TV and digital production. My parents say that I absolutely cannot move back in with them after I graduate; once I get my degree I have to have started a salaried job and be ready... show more

How to check in/out of airport when traveling to another country?

8 answers · Other - Destinations · 2 days ago
I recently traveled to Canada and had to check out when I landed. Upon checking out, the staff asked me,' why are you coming to Canada?' To which i answered, 'im here for vacation. sightseeing and just exploring the country while im on my winter vacation from school' The staff rebutted saying that... show more

Best answer: Its a shame they didn't wear their uniforms on the picket lines though. Yet more bad news in a week full of royal scandals. Perhaps the Queen will get one of her ladies in waiting to ring the beefeaters shop steward and explain why their pensions have been reduced.

Wouldn’t it be good if Isaac Hunt stopped lying about?

10 answers · Other - Australia · 22 hours ago
-Not being on welfare -A tax payer -Being Australian

Why does Australia not have its own pizza...?

9 answers · Other - Australia · 17 hours ago
Why oh why is there not an "Australian" pizza? We have everything we need right here. Sure there are some pizza shops that sell a bacon and pineapple or whatever pizza as an "Australian pizza" but that s just so bland and unimaginative and embarrassing its really just an insult with cheese on... show more

I'm from cali and I'm going to visit my aunt for spring break and I've been wondering whether or not I'll still be able to drive in Florida with a license from CA?

Europe or Asia?

8 answers · Other - Destinations · 10 hours ago
Which area would be easier for an American expat to move to ? Overall quality of life being able to adapt secure employment and live comfortably. Valencia Spain Jakarta,Indonesia Bali Indonesia Malaysia

Best answer: Taxes, Illegals, Earthquakes, Fires, Gangs, Hollyweirdos, Liberals

Europe actually has more work life balance better healthcare and more days off

Why are there so many Prius in California?

10 answers · Los Angeles · 2 days ago
There all over!

Can i move to the north pole?

11 answers · Other - Destinations · 2 days ago
Best answer: Do you plan on being an elf?

Where did all the hitchhikers go?

11 answers · Other - United States · 2 days ago
Best answer: This isn't the 60s anymore. People are much less trusting and carefree due to the greater media coverage of serial killers who prey upon hitch hikers

Should the Police have fined Prince Phillip?

13 answers · Royalty · 3 days ago
Best answer: I'm not sure that we have "on the spot fines" for that kind of offense and if he was driving within the bounds of private property, there is nothing the police could do about it. It does show an alarming lack of common sense though.