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Much music and dance has definite or likely Mexican/Latinx influence. Words (obvious) cafeteria, tornado, bodega, adobe, etc. Full list of recorded ones here: Food (obvious) tacos, quesadillas, coca cola, chocolate, vanilla, avocadoes,... show more

How much would you pay for a 2020 mid-engine corvette?

13 answers · Chevrolet · 4 days ago
Best answer: The new C8? They're tipped to be around $62k

I have a 2003 Honda Accord sedan and the key will start the ignition but not lock or unlock any of the doors on the vehicle. What can I do to fix this?

Best answer: No. It's a waste of money if the car doesn't require Premium gasoline. Your vehicle runs the best on 87 octane.

Has Toyota's quality gone down?

4 answers · Toyota · 8 hours ago

For some damn reason my 2011 Ford Fusion will engage the AC when I ask it to only intermittently. Sometimes it will come on, sometimes it won't. I figure it's probably a problem with the clutch or some controller. I noticed there is a 10 amp Fuse dedicated to the AC Clutch. If I pull the fuse when the... show more

This is unloaded with no passengers with any amount of fuel. Dealer said it is "normal" and not to bother him unless it gets worse.

Should I put a Louver on my 2016 Honda Civic?

4 answers · Honda · 2 days ago
I just wanna know if it’s ricey to put a lover on my 10th gen civic, I have already put a lot of work into it like some JDM parts and such and I found louvers and now considering it, but it may seem ricer, what do you guys think

I know you can’t give an exact number but let’s say for a 2019 Acura ILX. How much do you think you can get the price down?