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I recently got a Kodak EasyShare and want to connect it to a wifi so that I can Email myself photos. But I don’t have a Wifi card that the online manual mentions. Can I still connect it to wifi in order to email myself the pictures?

I've been looking at buying a dslr camera on amazon since its cheaper but I'm not sure which one to choose, I prefer it has a rotatable screen. Are there better shops to purchase from? what other equipment will I need? What feature should I focus on? Also, I live in the UK and have never filmed... show more

So, I purchased a 64GB SD card for my Nikon D3400 for vacation. I was playing with the camera and ended up taking photos in “RAW” format? Anyway, I didn’t format the the SD card. I just put it in and used it. Now my iPad card reader won’t read the card? It says no FAT(32) file detected. The camera allows me to... show more

I was shooting with my Canon 6D and suddenly shutter button stoped working. I was not able to focus, when button was half pressed and release shutter when fully pressed (even in MF mode). At first I thought that my shutter had gone bad, but I was able to focus and relase shutter to take a picture with my... show more

Best answer: Yuongnou 460 or one of it's many clones. I have a Polaroid branded model, cost me $30, and it works flawlessly on any camera with a standard hot shoe. It only has the center and side contacts, no TTL, so you must understand how to use a flash manually to make it work. If you do, or are at least willing to... show more

Best answer: It tricks - both the human eye and the camera. The human eye also contains three types of colour receptors (as does a camera, unless you're using black&white film). So, if you see a colour like pink, there is no receptor for "pink" ín your eye, but the three receptors for red, green and blue are... show more

I use canon's 17mm TS-E lens for architectural videos. It behaves as a 17mm when recording 1080p video. But behaves as a 29 mm when i record in 4k. Its a bit crazy. I know i can use a 10 mm lens that behaves as a 17 mm but this is no Tilt/ shift lens, so it ends up destroying all the efforts of keeping the... show more

Best answer: RawTherapee.

What's wrong with my camera?

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I charge it up to like 30 mins- hours battery life, turn it off, hardly use up the battery and then if I get my camera out a few days later, the battery is gone again? If my camera is somehow malfunctioning, can it be fixed?

My question is camera related. when taking a phot moving subject (Say a Train) I'm setting my camera to Continues Focus and selecting Single point or multi point even Group Focus points and when i do a few test shots there fine yet when the train arives and passes when i review my image after the shot I find... show more

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Best answer: There will be NOTHING in the camera for you to delete, my friend. Once you remove the SD Card from your father's professional camera there will be no record of what photographs were taken. There is NO NEED to format anything. The ONLY record of the photographs taken will be on the SD Card that you have removed. show more

I was taking a video and at first it was on the front camera and it looked normal and then I switched it to the back camera and then turned the phone around so the back camera faced my face and it looked so distorted and one side of my face looks longer and my nose looks weird and eyes look smaller..