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Reading up on them is greek to me. I don't have a clue as to what all that stuff means. A lot of the reviews mention gaming which I have no interest in unless it is something that makes the the picture quality better. Any suggestions would be so appreciated.

What's wrong with my tv ?

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Best answer: A Visio TV will automatically shut off after a set period of time with NO signal being received by the TV. You really need to check your connectons to your source of TV. As a test try playing a tape in a old VCR and see if you get a picture. turning the TV off and then back on resets the no signal timer. If you... show more

Where can I buy a 26" tv?

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Best answer: Measure the diagonal

I watch alot of YouTube and movies. My room is usually dim since I only use a lamp as a light source. I have the main light but it's too bright and only use it to clean.

Best answer: Better technology and motion processing as well as high quality reliably and brand name.

How do I turn my tv on?

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Best answer: Whisper lustily romantic stuff to it, like "You really boil my electrons", "Transistors always get me going", and "Your capacitance makes me hot" while softly stroking its buttons. Hey, it might be worth a try... and you could also try Reading The Owner's Manual.


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The sound bar on my tv quit?

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Best answer: Does it have a power light, and if so, is it coming on? Do you use Bluetooth, an optical cable, an HDMI cable, digital coax, analog cables, or something else for connectivity? Do you use a satellite box or cable box, or even a digital converter box? Does your equipment support Audio Return Channel (ARC) over... show more

Best answer: Actually yes. If it is your primary source of entertainment and you spend a good deal of time with it, it is probably a good idea to buy a better tv

I have a TV antenna I just screw into the coax port on the TV. I went over to a friend's house to install a new antenna for her TV. she asked me to plug into the wall because she has some kind of an adapter that plugs into the wall that connects to the antenna I've never seen this before. I was just... show more

Best answer: They used to be. Not now. Samsung consistently top "best buy" surveys in consumer magazines.

Best answer: Interlaced and ANALOG. The spec called for 525 lines interlaced to prevent flickering. Towards the end if the CRT era, flickering was not a problem. What more, actually getting 535 lines of analog data basically didn't happen. Anyone that tells you that a CRT television is 480p or 640x480 is flapping their... show more