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Best answer: 5G is just a new protocol for mobile data. Mobile phone signals have never been shown to have health implications. 5G will give us much faster data rates than existing generations of mobile data protocols (3G and 4G). There is a lot of nonsense posted to the internet. If we critically evaluated much of it, we... show more

Apple users! ANYONE! HELP!!!!!?

9 answers · 2 months ago
Best answer: put it back, it aint yours

Im worried now?

4 answers · 2 months ago
so i have a kindle paperwhite that i got from christmas and they keep adding users guides to my kindle library and i currently have 5 books downloaded on my kindle and library and i am afraid that they are gonna keep making user guides and they are gonna take up my whole library and i wont be able to add or... show more

Do you use the app Kik?

12 answers · 2 months ago
Best answer: Only to talk to random people I don’t know in person.

Best answer: I think he has only been doing that since around 1CE when Mary got the high little Richard . That's also when gods discovered bangin was fun . Sometimes he has to do a little discovery like when he created light he saw it was good

I have found my old ipad's serial number, is there any way to restore the pictures on it using the serial number?

My new job turned out to be a nightmare. The management was so nice in the beginning but of a sudden they switched and do very shady things to me. It’s a group full of girls and they smile in my face and say I’m doing a good job but I’m just the butt of the joke. I was pulled off register to clean tables. I feel... show more

Best answer: The CD-slot will not be strong enough to hold a cup with any decent amount of liquid in it, and anything that is slim enough to fit into the slot will also not have much strength unless made from very expensive materials. You will end up with a broken fascia on the CD player, and your drink all over the centre... show more

Which ones best for games, camera, internet, music and daily uses?

Life isn't enjoyable?

17 answers · 7 months ago
I want nothing. Everything in life seems uninteresting. I don't want to make a family, don't want a lover, don't want friends and don't want material objects. I feel trapped. I want to throw away everything I own and stop existing to everyone I know. It probably wouldn't be so bad if I... show more

Best answer: Uninhibited racial heterogeneity (presence of malignant alien culture).

Best answer: One tablet can't see what another tablet has done. Set a password on yours if you don't want anyone turning it on and probing it's history. He can't look at your history on your tablet from his tablet.

Why do liberals look their doors?

10 answers · 8 months ago
Best answer: They are too stupid to lock them.

I have a fear of batteries leaking?

6 answers · 11 months ago
I have older electronics that I buy refurbished cuz they're cheaper then new ones and I'm worried the battery might be leaking in my iPad or phone and it gets on my hands so now I'm scared of touching my iPad or my phone cuz of this. They both are lithium ion batteries....do these type of batteries leak... show more