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Best answer: They were white for half a year and then turned yellow. The non-aesthetic look like white keyboards.

Best answer: There is a thing called "clustering" that was developed by Digital Equipment Corporation for their VAX line of computers. A cluster acts like a single machine for some activities. You can assign a "proxy" address to the members of a cluster and they will serve your users as though that address... show more

How much does Google chrome cost?

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What should I buy? iPad or iPad Air?

9 answers · Laptops & Notebooks · 2 days ago

My son chipped the glass of my new iMac! Is it covered under warranty?

6 answers · Laptops & Notebooks · 17 hours ago
Just purchased a 27 inch iMac from Best Buy and purchased the Apple care plus warranty Will it cover screen replacement? It’s on the outer edge where a small piece of the glass chipped, I’m so upset!

How do I choose a browser?

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Best answer: Insert the CD and open it Insert the USB drive- It will now have a drive letter Highlight the CD data Click edit, select copy to the USB drive

Why am I finding my questions MOVED into the wrong catagory?

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Best answer: Someone with Level 7 powers most likely is moving them.

Whats wrong with my computer?

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Essentially i shut it down by pressing the power button (i know i shouldnt have) and when i go to restart it it'll turn on but my monitor displays no video input and my mouse and keyboard dont light up. Ive tried cleaning the ram and whatnot but i cant figure it out. Help?

Why does my PC shut down randomly?

17 answers · Desktops · 5 days ago
I have a custom made Desktop PC which recently started switching off suddenly for no apparent reason. I am able to turn the computer back on immediately. Sometimes it can take a few hours untill the PC turns off, sometimes it does so on startup. I have tried using a different power supply and the problem still... show more

Where is hard drive located on my laptop?

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Best answer: The best Antivirus is You. You are the number one way to avoid infections. Most infections are user installed by opening malicious files. This is why some people claim they don't use protection and never get anything. The problem with that though is that some infections can happen without user interaction and... show more

I am so out of the loop! Haven t had internet this past year and honestly have never had too much access to technology compared to other people my age (22). So...what exactly are people doing on their phones?? And laptops? Games? What games? Cool community apps? What apps? Sciencey stuff? News? What?? Is this the... show more

What is your favorite risotto recipe?

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What to learn to become a game developer?

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