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What is my ssid on this computer?

6 answers · Computer Networking · 1 day ago

Line in the sand?

10 answers · Other - Internet · 22 hours ago
The uk has long had a tradition of being tolerant and supporting freedom of speech should we draw a line in the sand ,ignore Teressa May and others and move on from Mayor Johnston’s remarks re Burka ,those offended might consider our history of freedom of speech and him not advocating a ban on the burka,

Facebook message request?

10 answers · Facebook · 2 days ago
Best answer: Just ignore it or say no to the message request.

He wants to do a budget on all our spendings?

8 answers · Software · 23 hours ago
So I’m 29 Been with bf nearly 4 years, lived together 2. So he all of a sudden wants to do a budget and keep track of all our everyday spendings, even a $5 drink. He wants us to enter it on an excel spread sheet and update it every time we spend. I thought it was annoying and can’t be bothered because I don’t... show more

Do you believe Robots will "Replace" us?

6 answers · Computer Networking · 1 day ago
They are predicting that robots will take jobs from humans in the next 20 years or so, and they will take over everything Are you afraid at all??

Wifi question?

13 answers · Computer Networking · 4 days ago
I will be going to college and moving into a dorm soon. At the dorms they have a public wifi network that everyone will using but they also have ethernet ports in the dorm rooms as well. My question is if I bring my own Asus rt-n12 router and connect to the ethernet port and have it be my personal wifi instead of... show more

Best answer: Its already bit them minority's, blacks, colored people will neve make the mistake again what they did with obama

Budget gaming laptop ?

9 answers · Laptops & Notebooks · 2 days ago
Ok so my parents agreed to get me a laptop for my senior year of HS but it has to be under 300$. The desktop we have at home is really old ( still runs windows 7) and I can barely game on it, it's a nightmare. So I'm looking for a gaming laptop, not high end (obviously). Also since I will be carrying it to... show more

Is a chromebook better than a laptop?

7 answers · Laptops & Notebooks · 1 day ago
I'm in college and I need a new laptop, because mine is basically falling apart and I keep getting rebooted with that bluescreen thing every couple of ours I will basically be using it for assignments, essays, possibly online tests and occasionally gaming and watching youtube

For me I think it's Fax Machines, DVDs, and CDs

Do I have to pay for this McAfee?

12 answers · Desktops · 4 days ago
It came with my computer and now it says I only have 5 days left before I have to pay for it. It says it's blocked 14,000 "bad connections". What are those? What will happen to my computer if I just let it expire?

Facebook suspended my account, should I make new one?

6 answers · Facebook · 15 hours ago
They suspended me, they won't give me a reason other than list of broke one of terms. Don't know which rules. Anyway should I make new account? Or don't do anything for a while maybe year or so before make new account? Ya know wanna keep myself profile low and hopefully they forget me before I made new... show more

How do I connect to wifi?

8 answers · Computer Networking · 3 days ago

How far away are we from not having to code programs?

6 answers · Programming & Design · 2 days ago