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For example, if someone just takes college classes then comes home and watches TV or hangs out with friends, they probably won't get a job as a Software Developer. Since the job market is competitive and lots of people have Computer Science degrees. Do you agree with what I've said or not really?

For example, the creator or Silk Road is in prison. Does that mean a creator of a website is obligated to monitor the activity of everyone who uses his website?

I searching for answers for my students - Why .doc file or .txt file is not used for WWW? Why HTML is required to invent for WWW? I have searched google few times but failed to get the answer. Please help me with some resources. Thank you.

How to build an Android app?

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Best answer: Start here at the Android development site. Download Android Studio - they should have examples and guides.

Someone told me you do not need a degree to be a software developer. This guy graduated with a CS degree. He said anyone can learn coding and you don't need math. So is python or javascript very difficult? i have college level education but no technical background...

Coding question?

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I am working on a project and am wondering how to access the first word from different sets. What I mean is, say I have something like this: blue is my fav color red is my fav color green is my fav color ------------------------ yellow is my fav color purple is my fav color black is my fav... show more

I keep getting the "Select all squares with motorcycles" and then it shows a bicycle and the verification fails either way. I can't imagine many people can answer this if they're having the same issue as me!

Best answer: Are you really asking why someone should bother learning assembly language? Even if you never use it for a real program, learning it will give you a better understanding of how computers work. Meanwhile, are you familiar with writing subroutines? If so, all of the subroutines that you have written were probably... show more

Best answer: Hi Sam. Yes, there are. They get something working. Then they change it - and guess what? It doesn t work. So they spend ages fixing it. Gives them something to do. Am I joking? Maybe, maybe not ... who knows? lol

Is this thing working now?

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Best answer: partially but losers are still abusing their "power" here.

What is meant by Web Development?

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Word Table Formulas problem?

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Ok so I made this form in word, and I have a table in it so you can enter in prices whether its - or + and i want them to all add up and subtract whatever and put them into another table, but the table will add rows depending how many numbers there are is there a way to make a formula that will add them all up no... show more

Best answer: I've never heard of such a thing. There is no difference in the Windows OS software; and very little difference in the digital electronic hardware. The biggest differences are in packaging and the power supply. You might be able to find a command that lists devices and/or device drivers; and then loop... show more

Best answer: Disagree. Although programming is a popular job for CS grads, it's certainly not the only aspect of CS for which jobs exist. There's data processing, analysis, artificial intelligence, machine learning, networking and network design, processor design, application development, and dozens or more other aspects.

How to you convert images to text?

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Best answer: Look up OCR ( Optical Character Recognition) There's a number of free ones that will take the images (in various graphic formats, like TIFF, jpeg, PNG and others) and do a fairly good job of giving you a txt, doc/docx or wps document. Not sure how your screen shots are formatted, but it shuld be easy to find... show more

Can we ban all children from cars?

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Best answer: Its not violent enough.....

Best answer: I missed the phrase about computer engineering the first time. I suggest C/C++, assuming the course introduces you to both C and C++. C is the most common language for hardware-level code. You can use a subset of C++ that focuses mostly on the C base language for this as well. Java is a nicer application... show more

If i want to develop/create games i need to learn programming if i want to program i need to learn math. Now the question is what do i need to learn at math to program games I need the list plz The things i founded is: Quaternions Matrix/matrices Linear Algebra And vectors Tell me guys everything i need to learn Thx.

How to identify an error?

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Best answer: There are different kinds of error: syntax errors occur in compilation; and logical errors are when a program compiles and runs, but gives the wrong result due to incorrect code. When a compilation error occurs, a message is displayed which can tell the experienced programmer what the error is and where it... show more