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I have a gigabyte z370p D3 mobo and finally got around to updating the bios to the most recent version. I updated via qFlash. It finishes updating, reboots to screen saying "Repairing Disk errors. This might take over an hour to complete". My question is, should I wait this out or try resetting my bios?... show more

Best free photo editing software?

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Best answer: Try irfanview it is free

Best answer: "Tablet phone" more commonly referred to as 'phablet' these days (though not an official category). Flip phones were out years ago, at least as far as 2007 when the iPhone debuted, at which time it was about either bar phones like the Nokia 6230 or ones like the BlackBerry Bold 9800. I guess you... show more

Legal document searching for word.

You see I just downloaded the first book in (A Song of Ice and Fire) on my laptop but because I move around alot when am working I dont really got much time to just read it on my laptop. So I transferred it to my smart phone where I can just sit down and read when ever I get a little spare time at work , but when... show more

How is pirating immoral?

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Best answer: Do you want to be paid for your work? Well, so does everybody else.

I have a chrome and microsoft word open. Is this a good temperate?

Best answer: Corrupt the computer? or Corrupt the download? Unfortunately hard to diagnose based on the little information provided. As far as corrupting the computer, that would mean the software already installed or running on the computer. Are you getting error messages? If so what are those messages? How are you... show more

I just enabled AdBlock which has eliminated ads on the side of a website, but I'm still getting new windows opened up by an unknown source?