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I see alot of people saying bandwith or the speed of internet does not have any effect the ping So, can someone explain me why 1) Korea - USA (6563miles) - 150ms ping 2) Nepal - Singapore (2275miles) - 110ms ping Both the servers located on USA and SINGAPORE are of same quality. So, if its not the speed of... show more

Where is the wireless icon located?

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Complain about technology while using apps like facebook hahahaha. Give me,a break.

All the sudden tonight, my computer stopped connecting to wi-fi. This had worked for years on same router with no issues until tonight. Computer will connect to router but not internet. It will also however connect to ethernet and to my phones hotspot. Its like all the sudden it doesn't like my home router... show more

Turn on wifi radio?

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I just turn off wifi radio router and cant turn it on again. The wifi is missing? How the hell i access router if there is no wifi. Also i dont have any cable on me.

My iphone 6 wont connect to wifi?

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So, for around a month my phone hasn't connected to any wifi but I have unlimited so iv'e been using that. But my wifi works on my laptop, playstation, etc. Iv'e tried resetting my network connections, my phone, etc and I don't know what to do. Is it a problem with my phone or the wifi itself?

Hello, I have a friend that has been blocked in a website and he needs to use my computer remotely to log in this website.I am going to format this PC but I would like to know if it is secure or there is danger doing this. Could him steal me information just being connected in my wifi?

Best answer: Some routers can be used as a wireless/extender. Check the linksys website for your particular router.

Best answer: It's possible you got a bad router or there's some firewall settings enabled that is slowing you down, but a lot of it probably has to do with how you are connecting to this community wifi. A router like that should be wried straight into a cable modem or a Ethernet jack. if you are trying to use it like... show more

How can i access the u.s. Netflix?

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My country doesn't have the office in its Netflix service, but the u.s. does. I tried using vpn, & it opened the link & showed me the episodes, but when i clicked to watch it told me to disable proxy/vpn. Is there any way to bypass this??

How Do I Log In To Netgear Router?

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Wi-fi routers?

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Are some routers more powerful than others and what is a good one for around $50.00?

The box does not have any Ethernet ports, just a power cord and a coax